“The faculty at Jaipuria Jaipur is very understanding and helpul”, says Nikita Thomas, 1st year PGDBM student

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Very often, the choice of a course or  an institute is the determining factor for success in one’s career. Aims and aspirations apart, what you study and where you study make a world of  difference. Nikita Thomas, who hails from Jodhpur and did her graduation in biotechnology, chemistry and botany, is a first-year PGDBM student at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. After her graduation, she faced the same challenge when the usual question cropped up – ‘What next?’ However, her dilemma was  soon resolved when a friend advised her to join Jaipuria Jaipur, as it enjoyed a good reputation for having excellent faculty, infrastructure and facilities.

She did, and she is enjoying every moment of it as a part of the Media Relations Club and as a member of PRAGATI (PARIVARTAN, a CSR initiative), in which the institute has adopted a village and provides free-of-cost education to underprivileged students. “I am also an active member of the E-cell. I enjoy being the campus journalist the most, because I love writing and sharing my thoughts,” says Nikita, who promotes and publishes the activities happening in the campus through this club. Her most memorable achievement is being part of the first national inter-college sports meet conducted by Jaipuria Jaipur. “It was so nice to see the whole college working together for a common goal  to make the event a success without any blemishless. We learnt about team spirit and cooperation and most importantly, how to manage a large crowd and be hospitable at the same time,” gushes Nikita. She believes that  it was a great learning experience; besides, the event helped to create a bond between many colleges.

Initially, Nikita was apprehensive and unsure of herself when she joined the institution, but the understanding and helpful attitude of senior students and faculty helped allay her fears and made her comfortable. She vividly remembers the fershers’ party, which helped break the ice between freshers and seniors and helped her make a lot of friends. “Whether it is sickness or personal problems, the seniors are always ready to help us,” says Nikita, who now finds Jaipuria Jaipur a home away from home. She finds the faculty very understanding and helpful too. “They are not only our teachers but our guides, mentors and friends as well. It’s like we can share all our problems with them any time of the day and they are always ready to help,” she adds. She is all praise particularly for ‘Nair Sir, Anvay sir, Sheenu Maam and Swati Maam’, who helped her with the business subjects in the first year, since she has a non-commerce background. Faculty apart, even the Director, Dr. Rajiv R. Thakur, connects very well with the students “and comes and speaks personally to the students about their problems,” says Nikita. She adds that in case of any emergency, he is just a call away.

Nikita, who sees herself working in a good company like ITC two years from now, is very confident that Jaipuria Jaipur will help her become a good manager. “I am very sure that the institute will be very successful in the future, as it connects with the students and understands the students’ point of view,” says Nikita, who is proud to be a student of Jaipuria Jaipur.