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“The Faculty at Jaipuria Institute of Jaipur helped me in every field – from how to make a cv, to corporate etiquettes.”

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Genpact was one of the dream companies forPrerna Bhadani. So when recruiters from Genpact came to Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur in November 2011, Prerna was very excited. They were looking for a Management Trainee with a Finance background, and Prerna fitted the profile completely.

“We had an introductory session with the interviewers from Genpact. All of us were then divided into three groups for group discussion. I was in Group 2. When our turn came, I was a little tense. We were asked to sit in semi-circle and given a topic to discuss for 10 minutes. In the last 5 minutes we were asked to present our conclusions individually. Genpact is a dream company for so many of us; it was not an opportunity that would come my way again, so I was very nervous about clearing the GD.”

Prerna need not have worried; her name was amongst the top students on the list. She began preparing for the next stage, which was the interview.

“In my Interview many questions were asked, ranging from ‘What are your interests?’ to ‘Why do you want to join Genpact?’and even ‘What will you do if you get a better job than Genpact?’.There werealso some basic questions related to accounting but mostly they tried to put me under pressure by firing questions one after the other. These were typical questions to judge my patience level,but I had been well prepared by my faculty members at Jaipuria Jaipur. I managed to answer all the questions confidently, politely and with a smile on my face. After the interviews, we had to wait for four hours before the results were announced. My name was called out first… I was the first one to be placed from my batch!”

Prerna is currently placed in the Jaipur Office of Genpact. She is a Management Trainee for Securitization team of Capital Market Group within the GECA process of Genpact. Her work is related to wing-to-wing accounting of securitized equipment deals;like booking of settlement entries, doing monthly reconciliation & closing, and reporting.

“Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur showed me the path to the corporate world but it was my faculty and my peer group that taught me how to run on this path. The Faculty at Jaipuria Jaipur helped me in every field – from how to make a CV, to corporate etiquettes. During the placement months they supported me, and encouraged me to face interviews. We were taken through many mock interviews, in which we learnt what to wear, how to sit, and how to answer during the interview process. Faculty members very often gave us tips for GD’s which were very effective.”

Prerna believes that getting a dream profile with Genpact has helped her become confident, self-dependent and secure.
“My job with Genpact is my greatest achievement so far; and I owe it to Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. The two years spent there are the best years of my life.”

She advises her juniors at Jaipuria Jaipur to define their ambitions in a time-bound framework.She assures them that this will give them the confidence toachieve targets.

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