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The dance of dreams – Jaipuria Noida’s Alumni Day amidst Entrepreneurship week!

The biggest asset an institute has is definitely its alumni. Successful alumni become bearers of goodwill and publicity. However, more than that, a student who remains connected with his/her alma mater is an invaluable source of learning and inspiration for current students enrolled at the institute. Jaipuria Institute of Management recognizes the strength that its alumni bring to the institute; so, it is no surprise that each year Alumni Day is organized with tremendous enthusiasm.

On the sixth day of this year’s E-week, Jaipuria Noida hosted its Alumni Day. The event was led by Dr. Ritika Gugnani, and the theme this year was “Alumni Entrepreneurs”. Entrepreneurship has emerged as a key area in the growing Indian economy, and there is no better way to learn about this field than from “our own” entrepreneurs, as Dr. Gugnani referred to them.

Mr. Rohit Sharma, alumnus, Jaipuria, owner of Aditi Arts Exports, Jodhpur, is a visionary entrepreneur in the field of the import/export of metal handicrafts. He advised students about watching costs in a business: “if possible purchase on credit and sell it in advance”. He motivated students to nurture their passion for business, and to chase their dreams, even after a setback. Alumnus Mr. Romil Jain, owner of Romila Pigment Private Limited, New Delhi, loves challenges and that’s how he has built his business. He told the audience that “passion and dreams are very important in an entrepreneur’s life. ‘Nothing is impossible’ – first we should dream big and then achieve big”.

Alumnus Mr. Nitin Kulshetra owns Margdarshan Education & Research. He is an astro-financial analyst, which is a combination of astrology and technical financial analysis. Ever since his teenage years, he had a passion for advising, which he later used to chart a path for success. Mr. Kulshetra has many certifications from NSE and other leading financial institutions and has more than 2000 clients in his company’s kitty. Since he has interests in finance and astrology, he decided to carve out a business that focused on combining the two disparate fields. Talking to students, he said, “Believe in yourselves just like I did, and always work towards your goals.”

Mr. Swapnil Tiwari runs a social-entrepreneurship organization called LIVEMAD. Mr. Tiwari has suffered from dyslexia since childhood, but he believes in the importance of making an impact on people’s lives. His advice to the students was to strive to inspire others and dream big whenever possible:“Greatness can be achieved by anyone, but for that we need to prioritize things in order to clarify our vision and goals.”

The session was a huge success with students, who hung on to the words of their professors, alumnus and honoured guests. Their interaction and eagerness was clear evidence of already burgeoning dreams and the confidence given to them by the event’s many esteemed speakers.

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