“Thanks to the never-say-die spirit given to us at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, within a month of moving to Delhi, i found a placement with Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.” – Vinay Kumar Pundir

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In early 1997, Vinay Kumar Pundir – while still in his final year – was looking at various placement options that were coming his way at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. There were quite a few offers, including one from Kanoria Chemicals. However Vinay, along with a couple of his colleagues from Jaipuria Lucknow, decided to play for bigger stakes.

“We decided to shift base to Delhi, which was a big challenge for a fresh management graduate. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow might today be one of the top B-schools in North India, but back then in 1997, we were the first batch. Thanks to the never-say-die spirit given to us at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, within a month I found a placement with Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. After that, there was no turning back!”

Vinay Kumar Pundir grew by leaps and bounds at Motherson Sumi, handling project after project – each time with more work, more value and more learning. From managing small OEMs as a Management Trainee, Vinay has grown to currently handling world class global OEMs like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and John Deere as a Senior Manager. Based out of Pune, Vinay also handles leading Indian auto manufacturers Mahindra & Mahindra, among many others.

“A practical approach, the ability to execute the application of a concept, and the attitude to deliver – these are some of the critical elements of a Jaipuria grooming which are of great value to me even today. The maximum learning we got was during formal and informal discussions with the faculty members. Since we were the first batch, we established ourselves by doing all the work ourselves under the guidance of faculty members. This gave us confidence and strength to face corporate challenges as well.”

While Vinay is in touch with most of his course-mates, he never fails to underline the fact that “Dr. Mussanna is our facbeook”.

“Unlike today, when we passed out of Jaipuria, there was a scarcity of communication channels. However, we always knew where our faculty were and in one way or the other, we kept in touch with them. Through them, we rediscovered lost friends and batch-mates and got back into the network.”

Over these 16 years, Vinay has risen step by step up the corporate ladder with hard, diligent work, making a respectable position for himself in the industry. He saw an opportunity in every challenge; so much so, that he today handles a business that is 25 times in size compared to his earlier days with Motherson Sumi.

“In a highly competitive world, where the differentiators of your proposal/ product are wafer thin, winning contracts and projects is intensely challenging. There were certain businesses which I managed to win despite all odds. All I can tell my young colleagues who are still in Jaipuria Institute of Management is that it is you who control your destiny – no one else does. So instead of waiting for your institute, your faculty, your relatives or your superiors to come and help you, go forward and seek their guidance on how to deliver.”

Vinay Kumar Pundir sees himself incharge of a much bigger portfolio at Motherson Sumi, handling business value that is 10 times what he is currently handling. He believes that in some small measure, alumni like him have been responsible for bringing a good name to Jaipuria Institute of Management.