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Team is a beautiful concept and Jaipuria, Jaipur students learn Teamwork through professionals championing OB through years of experience

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If you don’t think Organizational Behavior is a lot about Teamwork and communication, you need to think again! OB is everything but dull. It is not just relevant, in the modern day workspace, meaningful practice of OB is more than imperative- it is everything. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, PGDM students are trained in the domain from day one. OB enthusiasts are pushed to be ready to realize their dreams, in ways.

Students of PGDM Batch 2016 – 18 at Jaipuria, Jaipur had the privilege of listening to and interacting with one of the highly respected names in the world of Human Resource Management. Mr. Jayendra Chaturvedi, HR Head of Paayas Milk Dairy was on campus on the 14th of December for a guest session that was a part of Organizational Behavior-II course.

Mr. Chaturvedi has over 15 years of experience in HR domain working in different challenging and leadership profiles. In his career so far he has worked with top names like AXIS Bank, TATA AIG and TCIL. He brought his vast experience to the table for the workshop that covered different areas of Organizational Behavior. He focused on important concepts of teams and groups, leadership, team management, and offered valuable insight to students.

For Mr. Chaturvedi, the word Team in itself describes the beauty of its concept. T = Together,   E = Each, A = Achieve, M = More, was his definition of the word. He then went on to add, “It is very easy to understand about teams but very difficult to work in one. But that’s something all of us have to work on because teams are the backbones of all organizations.” He further revealed secrets of teamwork much to the delight of the students.

What made the session fun and lively was that Mr. Chaturvedi used a game to help students understand the concepts he was talking about. Volunteering students were given the task of hostel food management where they had to pass on information to each other. While one would have thought it would have been an easy task, passing on information from one person to another came with its own challenges, and made the speaker’s points loud and clear to the audience.

Through this engaging game Mr. Chaturvedi drilled home the importance of an effective leader, communication, coordination and understanding. To keep things relevant and identifiable he then discussed practical implications of leadership in TATA group and Infosys with reference to current corporate developments. Finally, talk about team building theories like Belbin’s team roles and Honeys theory concluded the session, which had offered students crucial takeaways that will stay with them throughout their professional journeys.

– A blog piece by students of Jaipuria, Jaipur MRC team

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