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Tamil Nadu boy Vignesh Babu finds his belonging and a whole lot more in Lucknow

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations,” says Vignesh Babu, as he stands testimony to that dreamy adage. Only recently, the commerce graduate from Chennai went down the difficult road of his own and made his way to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. That’s as bumpy a cultural rollercoaster as it can be in our hugely diverse country. But for Vignesh it’s not just a journey from down South to up North. He sees it has growth in his personality, rise in his understanding of different backgrounds, and broadening of his horizons. He maps out the transformation since.

Finding an instant sense of belonging

Why would a commerce graduate from South India want to pick a B School in the Hindi heartland, is the first question you want to ask Vignesh. He is quick to respond as it wasn’t a whim to explore but a carefully considered decision after feedback from counselors and alumni. NAAC accreditation, faculty strength, placement record are some of the factors he considered. “I remember the first day I visited the campus when I was drawn to it. I felt I belonged there and that feeling has grown much stronger in a short span of time,” he speaks filled with emotions.

Much food for thought

Having chosen hostel facilities, Vignesh got the length and breadth of diversity on a plate. Lucknow might be known for its culinary delights but having Aloo Parathas for breakfast and Thalis for lunch needed some adjustment. Language was another concern but he has a plan to handle the change. “I am watching Hindi news channels and making friends with locals. Actually I already have a good set of friends from neighboring cities as well as Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and all over the country. It makes you feel unique but also at home,” he quips.

Personal growth through diverse experiences

Jaipuria, Lucknow boasts of strong gender, regional diversity and also attracts students from various academic backgrounds. Vignesh is thrilled by the multicultural environment because there is something beyond the books that is to be learned from everyone. He himself has been an advocate for cutting down food waste, a voice that has been appreciated by his colleagues. “I think another highlight was leading my learning team to successfully completing our Accounting project. It was the moment that saw me emerge as a leader,” he says confidently.

Moving towards his professional dreams

Jaipuria, Lucknow might be the beautiful destination on his road for now but Vignesh has his eyes set on a strong professional head start. He has no doubt that his B School experience is laying the foundation for him to launch his career. “The culture of Student Excellence Council and Individual Development Programme are two of the standout programs that help us achieve our true potential. There is systemized mentorship, and experiences you get through inter-college events and cultural activities, are the building blocks for successful managers,” he declares.

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