Students share their views about life at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida

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The first year students- Jigyasa Khusrum and Shipra Sinha and the second year students- Eshna Aggarwal, Ritika Mallick, Parul Nigam and Shikha Gupta- from PGDM General and HR shared their experiences about being at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida which happens to be one of the top management institutes in India. These PGDM General students specializing in different fields such as Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, etc shared various aspects of life at Jaipuria Noida.

It was seen that while the first year students seemed quite thrilled about being at the institute. Jigyasa Khusrum and Shipra Sinha from 1st year PGDM shared that, “life at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida was full of fun and excitement”. The second year students were of the opinion that the life of an MBA student is not all that easy; they shared that studies come first and fun and frolic has to take a back seat. However, one thing that the students from both the batches agreed upon was that Jaipuria Noida offered excellent learning experience and is helping them groom into well trained and knowledgeable professionals.

Shikha Gupta from 2nd year admitted that, “Though the life at Jaipuria Noida is quite hectic, they are satisfied that all the hard work and efforts put in are worth and would make them industry ready”. The students appreciate the fact that at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida they are given the kind of industry exposure that no other management institute offers. “They are actually converting us into highly professional people”, shared Parul Nigam, a second year PGDM General student.

As per these students, every day at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida is a challenge and a new learning experience. “Each and everyday is innovative, full of opportunities. There is enough scope of learning new things at Jaipuria”, shared Abhishek Parmanik, a 1st year student. Siddharth Vaish, another student from his batch, shared how he started his own campus company after joining the institute. He said that, “at Jaipuria Noida, we are given an opportunity to explore a number of things. All of us are involved in several activities that help us learn and grow”. Abhishek Parmanik and Siddharth Vaish also shared that they are organizing a rally which would promote the use of Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags instead of the usual plastic or paper bags.

Though students at Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida spend most of their time studying, however, they do take out some time for recreation as well. Most of these students love spending time at the institute’s Amphitheatre. It is their favorite spot to de-stress. The other preferred spot where they can relax and have fun is the canteen. The students are all praise for the institute’s canteen. “We love the food served here; it is delicious”, shared Ritika Mallick from 2nd year. The students also appreciate the fact that they can make credit purchases at the canteen. Apart from these, the girls shared that they like the garden area and love spending time there while the boys said that they went to play Volley Ball to de-stress themselves. They also go to the IT labs to access Facebook and other social networking sites to connect with their old friends. The institute also screens movies in its auditorium once or twice a month. These again are a good source of entertainment and recreation for the students.

Then, there are several clubs such as the movie club, dance club, dramatics club, etc at Jaipuria Noida that provide the much needed break to the students. Most of the students are enrolled in these clubs and love taking part in the various activities that are organized from time to time.

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