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Students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, led by professor Aman Shrivastav, complete International Entrepreneurship Programme at JIBS, Sweden.

Professor Aman Shrivastav of Jaipuria Noida has just returned from a month-long tour of the Jonkoping International Business School. Professor Shrivastav was accompanied on his tour of JIBS by 3 students of Jaipuria Noida, who had gone across for the renowned one-month International Entrepreneurship Programme.

“Jonkoping  University is one of the three Swedish private universities that can award doctorates. It is recognised as one of the best Business Schools of Entrepreneurship in the whole of Europe. This entire trip was organised by Jaipuria Noida.”

Professor Aman Shrivastav, who was at JIBS to study the how this world-class institution conducts its education programmes, found that European class-room methods were very different from Indian class-room techniques.

“We are more oriented towards the American system. In Jaipuria Noida, we follow the Harvard-style method of case studies and discussions. In Jonkoping  University, the system is very much lecture-oriented. But their stress on Live Projects is immense. One particular industry visit that included the Jaipuria Noida students was to the production line of the world renowned retailers, ‘Ikea’ – which is shortly coming to India. Right from the unloading of the raw material from the trucks till the finished goods, everything is automated. Manpower is almost negligible.”

Automation of the entire administrative and security process even in Jonkoping University was something that impressed Professor Shrivastav.

“If your entry is approved, all you have to do is present yourself at the gate. Your access card, along with your photo, will be generated automatically. This card not only gives you access to your classrooms but to all the facilities in the University as per your role. You tap your card and enter the computer lab, and even to start the computer, you tap your access card. There are no security-men like you find here in India.”

Professor Aman Shrivastav and all the students of Jaipuria Noida on this summer programme were gratified to find that there was no hint of prejudice against Indians in the Swedes; in fact, most Swedes avoided the company of those who did have a prejudiced outlook. The small group from Jaipuria Noida came back deeply impressed by the Swedish ‘dignity of labour’ and regard for humans above all.

“Jönköpingisthe 10th largest city in Sweden. The public transport system is absolutely fantastic, but is hardly used, as people prefer travelling by private vehicles. Infact, on my first day, I was talking on my mobile while waiting to cross the road. I was surprised to see that despite the fact that I was standing on the pavement, cars had come to a halt on the road waiting for me to get across. One of the drivers actually indicated to me that unless I crossed the road, the cars would not move!”

Professor Shrivastav is positive that apart from the Diploma in International Entrepreneurship from the famed Jonkoping  University of Sweden, the Jaipuria Noida students who actually want to start their own businesses stand a chance of receiving support from Jonkoping  University.

“Atleast 50 new business ideas generated by their students are funded annually by the Jonkoping  University. It was also a great place to network as we came across faculty and students from across the globe, who will grow up to be future leaders.”

Professor Aman Shrivastav hopes that the students at Jaipuria Noida will inculcate the great Swedish fitness mantra as well.

“Just like the car, a bicycle is a necessary part of a Swede’s life. They are extremely fit, probably because they walk 2-3 hours a day.”

Professor Aman Shrivastav has already chalked out a plan to bring in the best of what he had seen at Jönköping University to the Jaipuria Institute of Management.

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