Sravanti Ivaturi Mishra of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore intends to take the cultural heritage of her B School forward through Communications

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There are many reasons Sravanti Ivaturi Mishra is glad that she chose to pursue her PGDM program from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore. After all, she calls them the best years of her life filled with immense learning and experiences that shaped her. But above all she is grateful because the program also worked on her communication skills. As a Public Affairs and Communications coordinator with American Express those skills are her bread and butter today.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore alum Batch 2011 – 13 reveals how her B School also added an extra dollop of sweetness to her ‘growing up’ experience and made it a whole lot of fun.

Transition from academic to corporate life

Sravanti admits that corporate life is vastly different from academic sojourn, but her B School had prepared her for the challenges she would face. She discusses how her grooming ensured that she can handle different responsibilities in her professional life. “My team handles entire communications for American Express JaPa – Asia-Pacific and the Japan region. We take care of internal, leadership and media communication. I keep going back to my communications classes at the B School to draw inspiration.” she says candidly.

Peer learning on campus

According to Sravanti, one of the hallmarks of studying at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore is the diverse learning environment. Studying in a small batch of 37 students not only brought them closer but helped her understand different cultures better. “It was such a versatile bunch; there was a budding artist, a musician, an IT geek, and a dancer. But they were all so talented and we fed off each other’s energies. Divers backgrounds led to interesting exchange of ideas. As my work involves a wide and diverse geographical region, that experience is quite useful,” she says.

Butterflies in her stomach

It’s not because of any work pressure though. Sravanti is excited to meet her contemporaries at the alumni meet after a long time. She is connected with them over social media and speaks to her faculty members on the phone. But the alumni meet is her opportunity to relive her memories. “I genuinely believe that we should have more such interactions and the responsibility lies with the alumni. Such events will help us take the cultural heritage of the institute forward and for our juniors to follow,” she says warmly.