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Sonam Marwaha, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida gives us the inside outs of Tax Consultant role with Deloitte US

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Ever wondered what it takes to work as a Tax Consultant intern with a global giant like Deloitte? It seems like a lucrative but daunting proposition; what is the ground reality? We had Sonam Marwaha, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida on the ground, interning as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte US, Gurgaon. According to her, every single day in the professional environment was filled with opportunities. She reports on the challenges, the tasks, interaction with professionals and the overall learning experience from her internship with UK-incorporated multinational professional services firm.

Getting up to speed after a false start

sonam1Sonam recounts the time she enrolled for the program late in the first semester. Soon after, she was taken ill with chikungunya, which hampered her progress. But with the support of her faculty members and friends she managed to keep pace with her studies and came through the internship process with flying colors. “The experience taught me never to give up hope and I took that attitude to my internship. Internships help you get true insight of the corporate world and build your own network. That’s why I was always proactive, communicating and networking, which helped me get the best out of my internship,” she reveals.

Not getting ‘taxed’ about it

sonam2Sonam’s internship brought her a stipend of Rs. 50,000 but it also demanded every bit of her effort and dedication. Her project was on Tax compliance for C – Corporation and as a part of business tax services central she was a part of Houston team, as they are divided geographically. “I was assigned to prepare the book return for the U.S Clients and compute their taxable income. I learned about Tax software and how to calculate taxable income. About the work environment I would say that they have an open door policy. All the professionals are so amiable and I learned how to connect with right people and build a network,” she narrates.

What Tax Consultant role demands?

Now as an insider, Sonam reveals the key responsibilities of the role with Deloitte. You need to understand the basics of US Tax law, learn the software for various tax returns and above all to be strong team players. The confident Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida intern proved herself on all these counts and overcame the challenges along the way too. “Getting comfortable with US Tax provisions proved to be a challenge because it is a whole new concept for me. But as my industry mentor said to me, no question is stupid. If you don’t understand something, ask the questions. An inquisitive mind is the key to internship success,” she reveals her mantra.

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