Six Things You Should Know Before You Choose Finance Specialization

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If money makes the world go round, then as a Finance professional you get to be right at the center of things. Management professionals looking for high-powered job profiles often opt for Finance as their MBA specialization. Recent studies reveal that it is seen as a lucrative proposition, which is drawing an increasing number of aspirants. However there are several misconceptions about Finance domain, none stronger than the belief that it’s all about number crunching. But that’s not the case and here, with the help of Prof. Pratibha Wasan, Associate Professor, Finance, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, we try to analyze different aspects of the field and what it offers you.

For those who are interested in MBA Specialization in Finance, these are the six important things you should know.

1. You don’t have to be a numbers guru
Experts like to point out that practically each one of us possesses Finance skills, which play a part in different areas of our life. So if you aren’t a number crunching machine, breathe easy. It is not going to affect to prospects as a Finance professional. However there are certain skills you need to make it in the field. Firstly, your business logic holds you in good stead and ability to carry out quick calculations doesn’t hurt. More importantly, you need to be able to focus on incremental gain / loss, and the long term perspective.

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2. Grow your inherent assets with best practices
You are not born as a finance expert. Your abilities can be honed with sustained efforts to gain mastery over various aspects of the field. Besides classroom learning, you should focus on regular reading of recommended texts to understand finance concepts a lot better. Read and write finance reports and summaries to be able to comprehend them with ease. Your regular practice of analyzing information will ensure that you make the best finance decisions in your career.

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3. Corporate positions for Finance professionals
What are your placement options after MBA with Finance specialization? If that’s the all important question, then you will find most of your answers in two categories – Customer Relations or sales of Finance products, and Consulting. However to bag these placements you need to have a sound understanding of Finance. The placement process for these roles can be intense and many recruiters have specific academic credentials in mind when selecting candidates. As finance professional you can also find placements in Bank Sales and Operations.

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4. Classroom pedagogy makes things simpler
With the right B School training you can be groomed into a successful Finance professional. The key lies in classroom learning, which can make things relatable to students. Some of the hallmarks of the best Finance programs include contemporary curriculum that not only helps you bag placements but build long term careers in the field too. A versatile curriculum can prepare you for wide ranging opportunities in Finance. Case study based learning that is largely delivered through Excel helps you identify with Finance concepts and their real world implications.

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5. How to win over recruiters
So you have grasped Finance concepts through your MBA program, but do you know what recruiters want? Your ease with numbers and concepts is a good start, but you will also have to show them your overall business sense. A positive attitude and humility goes a long way in making the right impression with recruiters. You should also express your willingness to learn to make your mark during placements.

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6. Program that gives you the cutting edge advantage
Jaipuria Institute of Management has a rich history of producing Finance professionals who have carved a niche for themselves in the field. It does that on the back of frequently updated curriculum, pedagogy that is in keeping with industry requirements. It uses effective delivery modes like Excel and Advanced Excel. Students get valuable industry exposure through guest lectures and seminars. They are also made stakeholders through Finance club and other initiatives that help them implement their own ideas. With its strong industry network and efforts of its placement cell, it brings dynamic placement opportunities to the campus for students.

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MBA with Finance specialization can be a smart investment that leads to exciting gains in your career. To read more about how Jaipuria Institute of Management can prepare you to get the right Launchpad for your Finance career, visit: