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Six Things To Know Before Opting For E-commerce Career After PGDM

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In the second installment of the magnum opus, Katappa comes to Bahubali with good news and a bad news. The latter, unpredictable as ever, chooses to see something good in both news items. Now we are going to try and adapt the same positive outlook to post PGDM career opportunities in E-commerce industry. Here’s the good news – the industry is growing and is flush with funds, which means you have plenty of opportunities ahead of you. So what’s the potential bad news? Well, it might not be an instantly rewarding career choice. But hold your horses! If you look at it as the race to the finish, you might have betted on the winning horse.

Let’s look at the evolving Ecommerce industry in detail and what it has in store for you (online store of course). Here are six things that the Marketing faculty pool of Jaipuria Institute of Management listed down for you to know, before you opt for a career in the Ecommerce industry after your PGDM.

1) Opportunities abound: A survey conducted by global market research firm Nielsen a couple of years ago revealed that one fourth of MBA graduates from top tier B Schools preferred a career in e-commerce sector. It has become the second most sought after avenue after FMCG industry and with good reasons too. Ecommerce industry is growing rapidly as consumers are shopping online with gusto. Fresh management graduates have a plethora of opportunities in different areas of Ecommerce.

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2) Plethora of options to choose from: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Makemytrip are just some of the big names that have made giant strides in the Ecommerce industry. There are newer players entering the market on a regular basis and they look for professionals who can take on the challenges of the ecommerce industry from Day 1. With your PGDM training you can present yourself as an appealing candidate with these leading on-campus recruiters. The placement season at B Schools has never looked more dynamic.

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3) Work. Experiment. Learn. Grow: If you opt for a top ecommerce company then you are likely to be working in some of the hippest offices in town. From HR division of the company to Marketing teams, as a PGDM graduate you could fill in several roles with the company. However as the industry is still in its early stages you have to understand that domains, especially at the beginner’s level are porous. But look at the bright side; it gives you the flexibility to gain experience in different areas of interests.

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4) Crazy promotions on good performance: As a fresh PGDM graduate you might start as a management trainee with a renowned e-commerce venture. But that’ not discouraging in the least bit because the industry offers you immense scope to boost your job profile in a short span of time.

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5) Lots of room for Creativity: If you are looking for a career option where you will draw attractive salaries from the day one then you should stick to investment banking or other lucrative industries. The rewards of ecommerce industry are not instant, but the possibilities are endless. There are success stories of management professionals who have gone on to bag plum packages in a couple of years. The industry rewards you for thriving on the challenges and proving your mettle. Pick your own Bahubali reference here.

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6) A risk worth the taking: While the ecommerce industry is definitely here to stay, it is also volatile. Many new companies had to shut shop within a couple of years. It’s a risk, but then as Bahu… no he didn’t, but as the popular quote goes, ‘if you don’t risk anything, you end up risking everything’. Your experience with an ecommerce company, however short it might be, can help you in your future careers. Who knows, you might be encouraged to set up your own ecommerce startup as many PGDM graduates have.

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Exciting, challenging and full of surprises, Ecommerce careers are all that and more for PGDM graduates. To read more about how Jaipuria Institute of Management prepares you for the Social Media Marketing and E-commerce world, visit: http://www.jaipuria.ac.in/pgdm/pgdm-marketing/

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