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“Your mentor sees you through your internship,” says Shubham Pandey, Jaipuria Lucknow

“Your mentor is the one who sees you through your internship,” says Shubham Pandey, Class of 2015, Jaipuria Lucknow, interning with Bajaj Electrical Ltd.

“Summer Internship Project is an opportunity that each student should grab and make the most of it while it lasts”, says Shubham Pandey of Jaipuria Institute of Management. He has been placed with Bajaj Electrical Ltd., for his summer internship project.

Shubham is a commerce student and belongs to the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. He completed his education in commerce and went on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lucknow University. It was a careful and conscious effort to build a career in management, which began with a degree from Lucknow University. Now, Shubam is at Jaipuria Institute of Management to fulfill his goal of higher studies in management. Jaipuria Institute of Management is India’s one of the Top MBA Colleges in Lucknow having campuses in Noida (Delhi-NCR), Jaipur, and Indore. Jaipuria Institute of Management is offering PGDM courses in Retail Management, Financial Services, Marketing, and Service Management. Since Shubham arrived at the B-school in 2013, he has been working hard to find his place within the corporate structure.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd. interviewed him on campus and he believes the selection has provided him with a great opportunity to learn with the best. And, he is excited about the project that he has been assigned to: “I have been assigned to do a market survey by Bajaj Electrical Ltd. I have to study the market for Bajaj LED lights, which is a new product from the Bajaj stable in the Lucknow region.”

He received a thoroughly professional reception at the organization. On day one, he was handed over to an industry mentor who oriented him to the company, its organizational structure, and its various functions. He was then briefed about his work during the entire internship period. The clarity helped Shubam focus himself on the coming work and time: “My first day at Bajaj was built around getting to know my organization and the work I was expected to carry out. The onboarding helped me find my way and also facilitated the learning process”.

Shubham has also been assigned a mentor from the college who will support him with his SIP. “My mentor has also been my faculty for marketing research and he always been helpful and supportive”, he says. “No one else could have been a better choice to guide me through my SIP.” In the first few days of his SIP, Shubam has woken up to the reality of the working world: “the first thing that I have learned is that the real corporate world is very different from the world we believe in. It’s the application of concepts that actually matters!”

According to Shubham, SIP can be an important stepping stone for students; for his opportunity, Shubham enthusiastically thanks Jaipuria Institute of Management for providing the platform. During the internship, he hopes to gather a working knowledge of the corporate world, so he can succeed in any opportunity that comes his way.

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