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Shivani Mishra: Making Her Dreams Come True at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

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Jaipuria Institue Of Management is renowned for its PGDM courses and has attracted talented students from all over the country. Shivani Mishra, is one of them. After completing her BBA from Jeevandeep Institute of Management in Varanasi (U.P.), she was in pursuit of “a top ranked management institute in the country”. Her academic record got her admission at Jaipuria, Jaipur and she has never looked back.

Born and raised in Gorakhpur, U.P, Shivani completed her primary education in Arunachal Pradesh. As a first year student at Jaipuria, Jaipur, she’s had access to the best faculty and she believes they have made all the difference. “They are friendly and always accessible. We are offered personal advice if problems arise,” she says.

Not only has Jaipuria, Jaipur given wings to her academic dreams, it has also managed to shape her well-rounded personality. Shivani lists singing, listening to music, crafts and reading as her hobbies. She also loves photography and capturing happy moments in life as she lives by the philosophy of enjoying every moment to the fullest. Luckily for her, some of her hobbies have been given the right platform at the institute.

“At Jaipuria, Jaipur, as a singer I have performed several times, including our Fresher’s party, International conference and our National Fest, Abhyudaya,” she says proudly. Her performance at the latter won her recognition, “a memorable moment during my time at the institute”. She also had a couple of opportunities to present herself at the International conference to guests from all over the world.

Besides singing Shivani has coordinated with the Girls Volleyball team during the Sports Meet and has been on decorations teams for several events. The enthusiastic student also recalls her interactions with her seniors who helped, “with their valuable inputs not only during the events but exams and placements too.”

Shivani completed her summer training in the marketing department of BOI AXA, selling mutual funds. She quips, “It’s difficult to get money out of people’s pockets.” However she is happy that she had the opportunity to learn the basics of banking operations and experience the work environment. On the back of it and her learning at the institute, Shivani hopes to make her dreams come true. In two year’s time she sees herself as a Marketing Manager with a reputed organization and given her focus, you’d put your money on that.

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