Sharpen Your Skills at Jaipuria- Noida’s Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop

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Opportunities’ abound for young entrepreneurs to learn the in’s and out’s of starting a business at Entrepreneurial Camps

Imagine.Design.Launch. Jaipuria-Noida is offering an exciting opportunity to incoming college students and/other teens with a workshop titled “Entrepreneurship for Teens” for those with an aptitude and interest in entrepreneurship.

Selected students will attend the ten-day, idea focused, animated Entrepreneurship discussions at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida campus. The workshop held between May 28- June 8, 2012 will be an intensive course led by the faculty and staff of Jaipuria with critical assistance from industry leaders and successful ‘teen’ business entrepreneurs. Students will get to work in teams on a fundamental business case to determine the best way for a business to compete, identify capital needs to start a business and devise a plan for managing a business successfully.

This highly-interactive workshop is aimed at instilling confidence among the participants and helps them discover their latent talents. Comprising of participant presentations and discussions, guest talks, movies and videos, games, exercises, field work and classroom lectures by experts, this program provides students with a platform to inspire and give direction to their entrepreneurial desires.GOAL

The world has changed – thanks to advances in technology, the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs have fallen and today some of the most successful businesses in the country are now being created in make-shift garages. Entrepreneurship programs then offer a great way to engage such teens in productive, fun learning activities with lots of hands-on application. “Entrepreneurship for Teenagers” is conceived with the objective of sensitizing young boys and girls about the concept of entrepreneurship, kindling the business idea generation, developing out of box thinking and sensing business opportunities.

The high-end curriculum of this program is firsthand experience – putting participants in the trenches to nurture an entrepreneurial idea from start to finish. Of course there’s still room for conventional classroom lectures and textbooks, but today, the focus is getting out and doing it with guidance from peers and experienced mentors. The kind of experiential learning that this entrepreneurship program promises to deliver – is emphasizing to foster big ideas and big results.ENTREPRENEURS

India’s growth story as emerging economy is in fact galvanized by the growing tribe of the likes of Ambanis, Birlas, Tatas and others alike. They command a great respect in society and are instrumental in driving our economy’s growth engine story.
Entrepreneurs representing a variety of technology backgrounds, expertise and products will mentor the teams throughout the week. The teams also will hear from guest presenters who will share their stories of success and lessons learned.

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