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Sanjay Mehta from Jaipuria, Jaipur earns a placement with Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd.; opens doors for opportunities to grow

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Growing up in a simple, middle class family in Amritsar, Sanjay Mehta dreamed big and wished to conquer the world of finance. That is the reason why he made his way to Jaipuria, Jaipur, a place with a brilliant reputation, as well as a fee structure that, he says, suited his father’s modest pockets. The institute is where his dreams were nurtured and are now on the way of being fulfilled as he’s bagged a job with Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd.

The company is focuses on the urban poor and operates within one of the fastest growing segments, relatively new to India’s microfinance industry. 

Sanjay is pleased to the punch after going through a very competitive placement process. Now he will be working as a Management Associate with a company that offers him the best platform to grow further in his professional career. When asked about his job profile, Sanjay says candidly, “It is a kind of profile where you need to understand customers and be very clear about the management fundamentals. Thankfully, my two years at the institute have prepared me for this challenge.”

What Sanjay is most excited about is the fact that he’s found placement with a company that is in keeping with his goals for the future. That is one of the benefits of the placement program at Jaipuria Institute of Management. It attracts a wide array of employers for its students, from big name companies to start-ups and smaller brands. Students can make their choices based on what they are looking for at this initial stage of their career; they can make decisions based on brand name, job profile, opportunities to grow, or a vibrant working environment.

Sanjay is definitely happy with the choice he’s made and is raring to go with the company. Talking about the future, he says, “There are many opportunities to grow. Since I will be a part of NBFC, new licensing of banks will open doors for further growth. I don’t know what I will be able to bring to the job as such, but I am pretty sure that I will make my mark and raise the bar for my colleagues to come.”

This kind of confidence sits well with a man who believes that “Attitude is more important than IQ.” However, Sanjay reveals something that might surprise some people. He says that while he excelled in his academic career, he struggled with his confidence. That changed when he joined Jaipuria, Jaipur, which has been the catalyst in his overall growth: “I learned to stay focused on my goals and being consistent in all that I did,” he says, gratefully. “The institute also moulded my personality to a great extent. The learning here helps you become a better individual, team member and citizen.”

After gaining a great deal from his PGDM program at the institute, Sanjay highly recommends it to management aspirants of the future. “It’s an extremely competitive world out there and a well-rounded program like this helps you make your unique identity,” he says. “It lets you have a practical approach and works on the all-important presence of mind, which goes a long way in your professional careers.”

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