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Samayantar, the Sixteenth annual alumni meet at Jaipuria, Lucknow, strengthens the bond between alumni, students, and their institute

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December 26th 2015: Samayantar, Jaipuria Institute of Management’s annual alumni meet, is a day for past and present to come together in honour of their institute. All waited in anticipation for the event as it provided an opportunity to interact with alumni who have made a name for themselves in the industry. The event did not disappoint, as alumni from the first to the latest batch made their presence felt on their beloved campus and had a fantastic time, sharing and bonding with us.

Some of the prominent names amongst the alumni present included Mr. Paritosh Joshi, Regional Head, ICICI Bank Ltd., Mr. Anshumal Dikshit, VP & Head – HR Arvato Bertelsmann AG, Mr. Mohd. Fahad Shiicon, Regional Sales Manager, Axis Bank Ltd; Prachi Shukla, Deputy Director Placements, Amity University, Chetan Khandpal, President, Creative Mind, Arpan Sanyal, Senior Manager, HDFC bank Ltd, Shweta Singh, Operations Manager, Mahindra Finance, Neha Chhabra, Asst. Manager, Union Bank of India; Sanjay Arora, G.M – Sales & Marketing, City Tiles Ltd. and many more.

Each of them had made their mark in their chosen fields and it was a treat for us to learn from their experiences. But that was to come later, as the proceeding began with the traditional lighting of the lamp in presence of dignitaries like Dr. Dheeraj Misra, Dean – Research & Development, Dr. Ankit Mehrotra, Chairperson – PGDM, Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathy, Chairperson – PGDM-RM, Dr. Sushma Vishnani, Chairperson – PGDM-FS, Dr. Masood H. Siddiqui, Area Chair – Operations & Decision Science, Dr. Manisha Seth, Chairperson – Alumni Relations Committee and Dr. Pallavi Srivastava.

Dr. Dheeraj Misra welcomed the alumni “home” in his speech, saying, “An academic institution exists only because of its students and alumni. You are the brand ambassadors who bring a name and fame to the institution.” Mr. Paritosh Joshi, President – Alumni Association, stressed the importance of staying connected because the corporate experience of alumni is vital to present-day students. Dr. Masood H. Siddiqui added, “Two-way communication between alumni- and students and alumni and the institute is important because the alumni are a part of the changing trends in the industry.”

It was at this point that the Alumni Relations Committee made a presentation to show us the efforts it had taken to build a bridge between alumni and the institute. It focussed on initiatives like Guest Sessions, Orientation Programme for First-year students, SIP/IDP evaluation, Student Council Interview, Placement Workshop, Curriculum Review and Student Mentorship. These initiatives involve alumni in different capacities, which aids in the development of current students. It was a touching moment to see the video that showcased various events organized in the year and the impact they had on students and alumni alike.

Dr. Manisha Seth then briefed us about the agenda of the event and the topics that were to be discussed – these included enhancing the visibility and brand image of the institute and summer internships for first-year students. The alumni offered valuable suggestions, from an emphasis on case studies to live projects and more corporate involvement. They also added that those interested in the Finance specialization should be encouraged to do an NISM certification course. It was useful feedback that everyone at Jaipuria, Lucknow, especially us students, listened to intently.

Finally, it was time for the much-awaited interaction session where the alumni shared their experiences and told us about opportunities in the Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and IT sectors. Some of the important takeaways from the interaction for us students were, “To develop an attitude to learn and improve analytical and communication skills. To be adaptable to the industry, have our goals cut out and have the right kind of aggression. To improve networking skills and seek advice from project mentor during SIP.” Thus, with very practical inputs and suggestions, it turned out to be a highly productive meet.

Student Contributors: Kumar Saurabh, Shrutikirti  and Nikita Srivastava(Sr. Campus Journalist)

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