“Read business news daily. Think hard. Keep fit.” This is the advice from Professor Susobhan Goswami, Marketing and Business Strategy, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.

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Hardly does a day go by when Professor Susobhan Goswami misses his workout at Jaipuria Noida gym. His short and sweet advice to his students at Jaipuria Institute of Management is – ‘Read business news daily. Think hard. Keep fit.’ With 29 years of experience as an academic, Professor Goswami feels that his role in the classrooms is to see that discussions progress in the right direction.

“My first insistence is always on discipline. Once the process is set, then I begin by getting the students to come out with their notions and experiences with regard to a subject. If there is not much to go by, then leads are given to generate discussions. On a good day, these discussions quickly snowball into participation by the whole class.”

Dr. Goswami regularly organises seminars and workshops, mostly on General Management and a few in Marketing. He believes that students learn a lot by hearing live cases. A compulsive researcher, Dr. Goswami’s favourite subject is Business Strategy formulation. He has published numerous papers on topics such as ‘Marketing Strategies to Children’, ‘Recent Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions by Indian MNCs’ and ‘Marketing Teleserials to Women Viewers’. He is currently working on a case pertaining to ‘Trent Retail Store’, as well as another one on ‘RIM’s Blackberry’.

“I strongly believe in a participative-yet-fun teaching method. If there is excitement with a dose of passion in the classroom, students are more likely to be kindled with the same fervour.”

Apart from his academic responsibilities, Professor Goswami is also a part of the Library and Anti-Ragging committees of Jaipuria Noida. He regularly attends brainstorming sessions of the corporate world, like the recent E-commerce conference organised by ASSOCHAM. He feels it helps him gather real-time insights into the workings of industry.

“For me, teaching is completely engaging. This stint with Jaipuria Noida has also sharpened my intellectual skills.”

Dr. Susobhan Goswami believes that Jaipuria Noida has a sociable student community. Beyond the classrooms of Jaipuria Institute of Management, he is quite well known for his keen interest in music and travelling.