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“Success comes to those who dare to dream,” shares Ravi Giri , Jaipuria Indore, 2014-16

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“Success comes to those who dare to dream”

Ravi Giri’s placement journey is the stuff that dreams are made of! From Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore (batch of 2014-16) to Midcom Group, Dubai. Giri was born in Ballia, a district in Uttar Pradesh and graduated from Ananda Mohan College, Kolkata with a B.Com degree. “I don’t belong to an educated family,” he says in all humility. “My father is a ‘cab’ driver but ever since I was in standard IX, the idea of doing an MBA and getting into a good career was something I dreamt of!”

Giri’s family had very limited resources but despite these tight financial conditions, he studied hard (attended night college) and also worked full time during his graduation just so he could get the money together to prepare for the CAT examination. Wanting nothing but the best Business School, Giri applied to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore. “It was the right decision,” he reflects. “I wanted to get into an institute that imparted quality teaching from a good faculty; industrial exposure; a holistic education and excellent placement offers. I got all these things and much more,” he says.

This young man is grateful to Jaipuria, Indore for ensuring that not only have his confidence levels improved but so have his communication skills. “I was always a shy person. I was also not very good at public speaking, so when it came to my presentation skills – well, they were practically zero! Today my aptitude in public speaking has improved considerably and even though I still need to work on a few areas, I am more confident of my abilities.”

Giri who was the recipient of a scholarship from Jaipuria, Indore says that the Institute’s equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities did a lot to give him a well-rounded personality. Elaborating on his achievements outside the classroom, he says that apart from participating in inter-management college quiz and business plan competitions, some of which he won, he also won the title of Mr Fresher and bagged a prize for his poem in the Kavi Sammelan contest.

Harking back to his days at Jaipuria’s Indore campus, Giri recalls his summer internship with Emami Ltd in Kolkata where the subject of his dissertation was: ‘A Study of Foreign Exchange Risk Management with Special Reference to the Export Business.’ However, it was the road to an international placement that he remembers with both gratitude and sheer delight. “My interview with the Midcom Group, where I am currently employed, was an amazing experience. I was asked a number of questions from my domain areas as well as some general and common questions. There was a rapid fire round of questions as well where my alertness was gauged. I was inwardly nervous, of course, but outwardly confident – a fact noticed by my interviewer!”

And the turning point that clinched the deal? “I was more inclined towards Finance but I had also specialised in Marketing, and I prepared myself for any eventuality. Consequently, when I was asked about the economies of India as well as Africa – I was able to answer well. My interviewer also mentioned that he was impressed with my attitude and work ethics,” he says. Giri’s role in the organisation will comprise managing the distribution network, generating revenue, handling the different aspects of marketing as well as managing clients.

“I will really miss Jaipuria, Indore,” he says adding, “my friends became like family. The great environment, campus life, my mentors and the brilliant faculty are other memories I will cherish.” Giri’s advice to the students he leaves behind is to ensure that they find time to “exercise, do yoga or anything else you enjoy. It is important to take time off from the hectic schedule to focus on yourself. Concentrate on your speech during presentations and get feedback from your mentors and friends and last but not least read the newspapers!”

Wonderful advice from a young man who has lived his dream!

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