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Raveena Aggarwal an Engineer and PGDM preferred profile over package and she got both at Deloitte

It’s often a moment in our lives that changes its course forever. Interestingly, it’s not the moment but your response to it that makes the difference. When Raveena Aggarwal of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida was asked “Why Deloitte for you, and why you for Deloitte? ” during her final placement interview, she aced the interview with perfection and bagged the position of Associate Solution Advisory with the global consulting giant with an handsome package.

From day one Raveen knew what she wants. since. “I knew that Amazon comes with highest placement package, which used to be my goal. It was the profile offered by Deloitte more than the money that changed my mind. Being placed with the Big Four with the profile of my interest and a strong salary package is the best I could have asked for,” she speaks of her win-win.

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Being an Engineer, “Why PGDM after B.Tech?” was another question Raveena expected to be asked during the interview. As her advice to all engineers turned MBA’s she asserts that you need to be creative with your answers because monotonous replies don’t cut it. “I think what worked for me was that I wasn’t fake with my answers while being confident throughout. In fact, my B.Tech with IT specialization will be strength in my new role as I will also be handling control assessments of different information technology layers,” she says looking ahead enthusiastically.

But on the cusp of new beginnings, it’s impossible for Raveena to not look back on the shy, introverted girl who struggled to express herself. Presentations, case studies, hands on experience, participation in various events, have all been her preparation for the corporate world. “I was associated with CSR Committee, which gave me tremendous exposure. I am going to miss all simple and special moments on campus. I think being able to speak confidently in front of people is my biggest achievement,” she says, although her placement ranks high up there too.

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