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Professional Career Options after Commerce Graduation

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Business Analyst. Market Researcher. Tax Consultant. Banker. Auditor. Stock Broker. Academician. Lawyer. Senior Manager.

You can’t possibly imagine the multitude of options a simple B.Com. or BBA can simply open for you. So next time you hear Commerce graduates disgruntle about the lack of professional opportunities, well, check them right there.

With leading organizations across the world having Commerce graduates holding top most offices, one thing is clear- the demand of a B.Com. the student isn’t ending anytime soon. In fact, why go so far? Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Prannoy Roy, Vishwanathan Anand, Motilal Oswal, and Mohandas Pai are among some of the distinguished Indian personalities who completed their education in Economics and Commerce and are legends in their areas of interest. However, it is not easy to simply choose a career! A lot goes behind making a decision that you would in all likelihood, not regret in your life, and as studies indicate, your profession decides the majority of your actions in life. But with work roles and the nature of jobs changing at an unfathomable speed today, it has become all the more intricate to make career decisions with absolute clarity. Yet, amidst all the humdinger, the fundamental concept remains the same- if you got to thrive in what you do, you got to love what you do!

So tighten your seat belts, and open your cognitive windows to explore what professions will stand relevant for you if you are already pursuing a degree in Commerce.

1. A career in Sales and Marketing

Every industry in the world has to grow and expand in terms of size and profitability. Quite similarly, the consumption of resources too is increasing drastically. Hence, the need for selling and marketing products and services is growing by leaps and bounds. Businesses are getting consumer-centric. Businesses are getting more robust. Businesses are getting more skill-oriented. Therefore, demand for good sales and marketing professionals who can create the needs and market the products or service management is on a constant rise. In such a scenario, it is wise to opt for a career that is in high demand and intensely competitive. However, post your Commerce degree, if you take a work-ex in the field of Sales and Marketing and then ace it up with a power-packed MBA, you open for yourself the doors to career, options such as brand manager, marketing strategist, marketing researcher, market analyst and what not!

2. A career as a Chartered Accountant/ Chartered Financial Analyst/ Company Secretary

If you are a commerce graduate, then you’ll naturally have your paths open for any of these courses: Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). However, before opting for a particular course, you must know the difference between each of these courses and the nature of the jobs you will be exposed to.

3. A career in Human Resources Management

As you wrap a B.Com. degree and opt to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), you are in for yet another phenomenal ride. While a B.Com. the student stands all the chance to enter blue-chip companies at junior or mid-rung offices, an MBA/ PGDM program enables you to pick a specialization and these days, a career in Human Resources Management is the hot cake. You can join the office of employment and placement compensation and benefits or recruitment or labor relations or training and development. Senior HR Managers handle multiple roles in their ranks. And the paychecks? Exceptionally rewarding as well.

4. A career in E-Commerce or the new jobs of 2022

E&Y’s latest report- “Future Jobs in India: A 2022 Perspective” states that 9% of the Indian population will be deployed in new jobs that do not exist today. And in this category, e-commerce organizations will contribute to massive hires. A B.Com. graduate with his/her skills in numbers, quant, and data crunching abilities are obvious fits to these newly evolving roles in the digital world. Their B. Com. degree opens gateways for them to be hired as Digital Analysts, Data Analysts, supply chain managers, and product management, to name a few.

5. A ticket to the world of BFSI

Considered among the conventional job roles, once you graduate as a Commerce student, your entry to the world of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance become almost a but-obvious. The typical Commerce syllabus across Indian universities and colleges includes Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics, and Computers. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that major BFSI organizations across the country have Commerce graduates calling the shots across departments.

5. A career as an academic

Indian culture considers teaching and education as noble professions. If you are inclined to this profession and wish to develop a formal career, you need to complete a teachers’ training program/ B.Ed. If you wish to take a step ahead and teach in Universities or Colleges or anything equivalent, you need to clear NET and have a post-graduate degree. Commonly, graduate students start teaching in private colleges as guest faculty or on contract bases and simultaneously pursue post-graduation or preparation for NET.

6. A career in Event Management

Event Management as an industry is on the move! With exponential growth in events across the world, the demand for appropriate professionals is on an upward rise. A successful event requires a lot more than the people involved it. It is about flawless planning; strategizing, handling finance, and getting the logistics work in its favor. A Commerce graduate is often seen as an appropriate fit for Supply Chain or Event Management companies simply because of the skill sets they get to bring to the table. With a holistic knowledge of how businesses work, a B.Com. graduate hits the ground running as an Event Manager.

7. Among million other things- starting up on your own

B.Com. when topped with a fine MBA, becomes a combination that is relevant across all industries. Latest trends have shown that Commerce graduates are not just seeking jobs but are creating jobs as well. Be it opening your own travel agency out of a sheer passion to travel or simply starting up a bakery shop from your garage, a Commerce graduate with his/her knowledge in Business can run the long mile to scale the next billion-dollar company for the country.

So, while you are at the crossroad of making one of the most decisive choices for your career- we suggest, observing your interests, giving room to your passion, and considering your aptitude. No stream is not “good enough”. You just need to know- what is for you!

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