Preparing the international stage- Jaipuria Institute of Management signs vital MoU with Rennes School of Business, France, continuing its “global” journey

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Today an MBA is practically irrelevant if it does’t make its student ready for the global stage. Jaipuria Institute of Management understands that! With an eye on prepping its PGDM students for global careers, Jaipuria Institute of Management recently signed a MoU with Rennes School of Business, France, with the objective to lead to effective collaboration between the two renowned educational institutes. Shri Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman of the B School signed the General Agreement of International Academic Cooperation with representatives of the triple accredited French counterpart.

mou1An initiative driven by Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, the agreement allows students from both institutes, pursuing their courses in Management and Business streams to travel across continents for a semester of studies. As a part of the exchange program, students from all the four campuses of Jaipuria Institute of Management- Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore will get to choose from the list of courses at the Graduate Credit Transfer level offered by Rennes School of Business, France.

Besides the opportunity to study in a foreign environment and interact with peers from all over the world, students of Jaipuria Institute of Management will gain 20 to 30 ECTS credits. Another highlight of the exchange program is that students will not be charged any tuition fee. It’s also interesting to note that the agreement works at different levels of learning experience, which can be customized for students of both the countries.

To further optimize the association. management aspirants from Jaipuria Institute of Management can get their specializations, which coupled with transfer of credit system, would lead to a Master of Science degree from Rennes School of Business. From International Luxury and Brand Management to International Marketing, there are various options students can choose from. There’s also a two week summer program that students can look forward to.

Since internships are compulsory for the MSc programs, students will also get useful support from the French B School. It thus promises to offer students of Jaipuria Institute of Management a stepping stone into the International corporate sphere. The two educational institutes will also share learning resources, according to the MoU initiated from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. It will also be the operating campus for the MoU, which will lead to fruitful exchange between both B Schools.

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