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“Our seniors at Jaipuria Noida taught us not just the do’s and don’ts of college, but in many cases, the do’s and don’ts of life as well.” – Tarun Harit

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For Tarun Harit, more than the big ticket events, it is the small gestures of appreciation shown by the faculty that makes Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida a great management college.

“Since my orientation week, I have been into extracurricular activities. I remember how Prof. Durgansh Sharma had awarded me a chocolate for my performance in a skit. I also won a Parker pen for a pantomime act during orientation week. Over the last year, I have participated in many events like Udaan (where I won the first prize for dancing), Spardha, an Ad-Making show and Solo Singing, and have been the coordinator of many events. But those small gifts from the faculty, won during my first week – the orientation week – in Jaipuria Noida, are my most treasured possessions.”

Tarun is a BTech from IT, and has been a Jaipur boy all his life, where his father is a much-respected doctor and his mother a teacher in a government school. But when it came to choosing a professional course, he followed in the footsteps of his elder sister, who has also done an MBA.

“I had decided to do my MBA in the Delhi-NCR, for obvious reasons. I went through numerous websites and sought the opinions of a number of people before zeroing in on Jaipuria Institute of Management. What ultimately mattered was my father’s stamp of approval.”

Tarun’s first year has been studded with achievements. Apart from being the Class Representative, Tarun has also covered and photographed the entire Spardha event as a member of the MRC ( Media Relation Club). He has balanced academics and extracurricular events beautifully, aggregating the second highest marks in his class, and winning the appreciation of his peers and faculty. Having just entered his 2nd and final year at Jaipuria Noida, Tarun Harit is pursuing a specialisation in Marketing.

“My interaction with the senior batch has been the high point of Jaipuria Noida. Not only did they teach us the do’s and don’ts of college, but in many cases the do’s and don’ts of life as well. I am still in touch with quite a few of my seniors, despite them having passed out of college and their hectic jobs in very good companies, they are always willing to to help me out of my difficulties. The other big plus at Jaipuria Institute of Management is undoubtedly the faculty. They are cooperative, ever-ready to give you time, and pay attention to each individual in the class. They start teaching from scratch so that each student gets the basics right.”

Tarun Harit is deeply impressed by the CSR initiatives of all Jaipuria Institute of Management campuses. He believes it is something that makes Jaipurians stand out in the long run.

“Apart from active interaction with our adopted villages, we recently had a village day or rural day, where our institute had invited people from villages and had arranged an interaction over lunch for them. It was wonderful to see smiles on their faces. They felt nice that somebody was there to look out for their interests.”

Now in his final year, Tarun is targeting a marketing profile with a good MNC. He is positive that Jaipuria’s grooming will make this happen during the placement season, which begins five months down the line. Given his personality, he believes in taking short steps up a ladder, instead of jumping two or three steps at a time. He plans to stick to his first job, growing into the role of a full-fledged Manager five years later.

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