“Operations is emerging as a hot employment sector for non engineers as well !”Advises Professor Chib, Faculty Operation Management, Lucknow.

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In addition to being a well-known name in academia, Professor Vinod Kr Chib has a lot of industry experience. He has been at Jaipuria for 11 years, and the courses he teaches focus on different areas of Operations, including Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Quality Management, Managing Service Operations, and Projects Management.

Prof. Chib is passionate about his area of expertise. Explaining the course, he says, “Operations are all about actions and performing. It involves planning, making decisions and then performing with suitable measures to get the best out of the available resources. If you don’t perform appropriately, you will never get the best results. In one word, Operations is simply the systematic conversion of business plans into reality by action. It focuses on quality production, timely delivery, minimizing costs and wastes and maximizing profits for the individuals or the organization.”

Having spent 24 years in operations, Prof Chib has witnessed key changes in the industry. He believes that quality has become paramount today; he also feels that the customer has grown more discerning. Manufacturers now understand that there is awareness among customers regarding their rights for quality, value for money and timely delivery of any product or services. Therefore, shoddy products and services are completely out of the question in the current scenario.

Often students think that Operations is an engineer’s domain. Dispelling the misconception, Prof Chib says, “The Operations industry is open and has attractive options available for any student with any background during graduation. Operations are at the core of all the activities by Finance, HR and Marketing. The success of various activities, like the collection of the raw materials from the suppliers, sales, delivery of the products at the retailer’s door step, is possible due to appropriate Supply Chain and Logistics Management.”

Professor Chib offers more insight on the job profile of a management trainee employed in Operations. According to him, an Operations manager best fits in the area of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, due to the emerging domain of e-commerce. All major players including Amazon, e-bay, Just-Dial, Snapdeal and Alibaba deal with Supply Chain and Logistics Management and prefer recruiting professionals from the same background. “Even, students from IITs and IIMs are showing their interest and scrambling to join the E-Commerce Sector”, quips Professor Chib.

A dedicated professional, Professor Chib understands the need for an individual to continue learning and improving their professional skills. He is pursuing a PhD in management and encourages students to consider Operations as an emerging career option. He sees the field of Operations growing, and he feels that the job opportunities will continue to be present.

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