“One of the best things about teaching in Jaipuria Jaipur is the energy that the aspirational youth bring to the classroom.”

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Articulate and easy to communicate with, Professor Abhijit Nair practiced Branding and Business Communications in the corporate world for a good 12 years before choosing to shift to academia. It is immediately evident that he is a voracious reader in the first few minutes of a casual conversation with him.

“Currently, I am juggling my reading time between two books – Isabel Allende’s The Island Beneath the Sea and Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I also enjoy writing for an hour or two every day and I also watch two movies a week.”

Used to the intense pace of a corporate culture, Professor Abhijit now finds enough time on hand at Jaipuria Jaipur to follow through with what he’s been planning for a long time. It is for this reason that despite having moved into academia less than two years ago, Professor Nair’s research contributions are numerous. His papers range from hard-core business subjects like ‘Cross Cultural Evaluation of Industrial Relations in India’ to rather sublime communication topics such as ‘Windows of My Soul’. These papers have been published in internationally reputed journals such as the IFMI Business Journal, International PESIT Journal, Lulu Press USA, Continuum-Journal of Media and Cultural Studies (UK), and Art Nexus Columbia.

“One of the best things about teaching in Jaipuria Jaipur is that the exuberance of youth becomes infectious and showcases itself in almost every aspect of our lives. Industry was a different ball-game; it was always about getting things done in a particular time-frame in the best possible way and with the least possible resources, used perfectly. It was fast-paced, current and result oriented. The pace reduces quite a bit in academia. While this too is result oriented, the work is more on an intellectually curious as well as building blocks level.”

Professor Nair is not just a teacher of Business Communication; he practically breathes the subject. He is currently researching how a Tea Estate in South India used inclusivity as its vision and communicated this vision down the line to even the lowest rungs of the hierarchy. He is looking at how everybody came together in tandem to explore the opportunity to create a superb organisation that is profitable as well as socially viable.

“The core of all that I research and write about are the pros and cons of simplified communication”…

a practice that reflects in his classroom interaction with students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

“I believe in the element of student participation at all levels. Students are the primary crux of their own learning. I am just a facilitator with a few flags with different colours, and some pointers. I give directions based on where they are going and flags to stop and reconsider.”

Professor Nair sums up his time at Jaipuria Institute of Management as “wonderful!”

“I have colleagues who I share things with and have fun at work with, aspirational students who want to learn and grow, and a management at Jaipuria Jaipur that is building upon years of work to enter new annals of intellectual development and maturity. What else could an academician ask for?”

His message to the students of Jaipuria Jaipur is “Life is Beautiful… Keep it Cool!!”