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Nowhere else will you find students appearing for the same interviews, helping each other out. Jaipuria Institute of Management has a truly extraordinary culture” says Prachi Sahai

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Prachi Sahai has cracked one of the most sought after profiles in the Indian job market, that of a Probationary Officer with Federal Bank. While this might be the high point in any youngster’s career, for Prachi it is the journey at Jaipuria Institute of Management which has been of greater significance.

“The time I spent at Jaipuria Lucknow and the way I have been groomed is indeed a big achievement for me. It’s not just the studies – which I also did in college –it’s also that there was much more to being at Jaipuria Institute of Management. I was part of the student activity group (SAG) which made me undertake so many challenging and exciting tasks. More so, I was the college MC for almost all events, and I guess I enjoyed it so much that I am going to miss it thoroughly. I was also involved in many other activities, like the annual fest, debate, extempore competition, etc. It’s not just a job, or a PGDM, which I am taking from my college; it’s the treasure of everyday grooming that I am taking away at the end of my college life.”

Here on-campus placement process began with an online aptitude test comprising questions dealing with general knowledge, quantitative ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning and computer competence. This was followed by an online psychometric analysis for the job profile.The qualifiers were then tested through aGroup Discussion; the topic for Prachi’s group was ‘Commercialisation Of Healthcare’.

“My contribution to the discussion was not just in terms of my views, but also in managing group dynamics and leadership skills. But where it all came together for me was the face-to-face interview. After clearing the GD, we were called for the interview the following day. It was a comprehensive interview which lasted for about 24 minutes. After a few questions about my background, they checked my knowledge of their organisation. This was followed by general awareness questions and a few domain specific questions. They also gave me situations like what I would do if as a branch manager I found out that one of my employees had stolen a lakh of rupees from the bank. To this, I answered that rather than approach the individual in my official capacity – which could intimidate him – I would rather approach him personally and make him understand that this act would sooner or later be proved against him, leading to him being blacklisted. I would advise him against putting his career on the line and to show his loyalty towards the organisation that was taking care of his bread and butter. I would urge him to display ethical values by admitting his fault and returning the money. The panel was highly impressed by this answer.”

Prachi credits the highly qualified faculty of Jaipuria with equipping her with in-depth knowledge of the banking sector.

“The faculty at Jaipuria Lucknow is the best one can get. Not only do they teach us really well, but they are always approachable. The most basic thing which you need to bag a good placement is good domain knowledge; you should at least know the job that you are being hired for. In that respect, I am immensely grateful to my teachers. They gave me a clear and strong knowledge of the basics. The mentor-mentee training programmes helped us get a feel of how it is to face an interview panel and our mentors pointed out our follies, so we got the chance to work on those loopholes. When it comes to my peers, Jaipuria Lucknow has an amazing culture. Students appearing for the same process are helping each other out, motivating and supporting each other. It’s extraordinary!”

Prachi Sahai will shortly be joining Federal Bank. During her two year probation, she’ll be expected to manage a major proportion of bank operations and marketing. She is positive that here too, the Jaipuria edge will help her excel.

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