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“No other Management Institute measures up to Jaipuria Indore in this entire region.”

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For Tania Lal, joining Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, was an easy decision. Since Tania comes from a family that manages a Teachers Training Centre and a Pre-primary school, her parents are quite clued in about the management institutes that have the best RoI (Return on Investment).

“I’ve always been intrigued by the complexities of human behavior. It was this fascination that made me opt for Psychology as one of the subjects during my intermediate. It also was the reason why I chose HR Management as a specialisation for my BBA from Acropolis Institute of Management Studies. I am carrying this forward, and hope to pass out as an HR Specialist from Jaipuria Institute of Management.”

Interestingly, Indore is Tania’s hometown and yet her entire family was in consensus on her going to Jaipuria Indore, where being a residential student is mandatory.

“Grooming, personality development and exposure to the corporate world are all-important factors during post graduation. No other management institute measures up to Jaipuria Indore in this entire region.”

Halfway into her first year, Tania sums up her journey at Jaipuria Indore in just one word – tremendous. Tania has been involved in as many activities on campus as she could possibly manage. She is part of the HR club and the MRC (Media Relations club) of Jaipuria Indore. Recently, she was also a member of the organising team for the 2-day Jai Utsav. It was a great opportunity for her to learn the intricacies involved in organising an event. Through the Jai Utsav, Tania met many prominent personalities from industry and talented participants from other institutes.

“From the Business Plan competition to Chau (the regional version of Kabaddi),Jaipuria Indore has been a complete fun-while-you-learn place! Jaipuria Institute of Management has helped me overcome quite a few of my inhibitions. One such hitch was dancing. This was effectively dealt with when I was given the task of giving a dance performance and that, too, onstage in a packed auditorium! It made me realise that dancing could actually be so much fun. This was a great confidence booster.”

Tania points out that since Jaipuria Indore is a fully residential B-school, the faculty plays a far greater role than their counterparts in B-schools that allow day-scholars.

“They are so approachable that we are more like a family now. Our faculty members at Jaipuria are a source of inspiration and admiration.”

Currently, Tania is deeply engrossed in making the most of these two years at Jaipuria Institute of Management. She believes that the experience of being at Jaipuria Indore is good enough to prepare her for a much larger role in the corporate world, or as an entrepreneur.

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