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Thanks to the Jaipuria Jaipur faculty, i got three promotions in a short span of two years in info edge India limited

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Nitin Kalani is undoubtedly the most active alumnus of Jaipuria Jaipur. Ever since passing out of a couple of years ago, he has been in constant touch with his seniors, batch-mates and juniors from Jaipuria Jaipur and has hardly missed out on an alumni meet.

“I actually enjoy being active on social media as well as hanging out with my colleagues. It is quite nice that it is a part of my job now as the President of the Alumni Association of Jaipuria

Jaipur,” Nitin says with a smile.

Nitin’s batch-mates as well as teachers from Jaipuria Jaipur remember him as someone who always gave a 100% to whatever he did. No wonder, then, that in a short span of 2 years, Nitin Kalani has seen three promotions in Info Edge India Limited.

“I joined Info Edge as a Senior Executive, and was promoted to Assistant Manager, then Deputy Manager, and am currently working as a Manager – Corporate Sales.

Nitin gives the credit or his steep rise up the corporate ladder to the liberal learning methods employed by the fantastic faculty of Jaipuria Jaipur.

“Whatever I’ve learnt in my 2 years at Jaipuria Jaipur still helps me face the challenges and clear the hurdles in my professional as well as personal life, on a daily basis. The beautiful infrastructure and a fantastic set of batch-mates – who brought in their unique talents and culture from different parts of country – provided a great learning atmosphere. The corporate communications and marketing classes were the ones which I enjoyed the most, especially the live case studies.”

Nitin says that he misses Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur for more than one reason -the beautiful location with scenic views, the classrooms and the lecture theatres at Jaipuria Jaipur, equipped with the latest computers and projectors.

“What I miss the most is the always-ready-to-help, world class faculty of Jaipuria Jaipur. It includes senior professionals with a rich industrial background, and guest lecturers from acrossIndia. We learnt a lot from the regular seminars, and we also had the opportunity of learning in the field through the renowned Jaipuria Institute of Management corporate interface.”

He advises the incoming batches of Jaipuria Jaipur to enjoy the ‘Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur experience’. He is confident that just like him, students who are able to avail of the ample theoretical, practical and field knowledge at Jaipuria Jaipur will not only be able to cope with the present corporate challenges, but will actually excel.

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