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Nikita Gaur discusses how a “think outside the box” attitude encouraged by her institute got her a placement with the prestigious Times Group

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“Jaipuria, Indore has brought about a beautiful transition in me, my attitude and personality. It’s the reason I have transformed from a nervous student into a professional with promise in a short span of time.” That’s how Nikita Gaur begins our interaction. She finds herself on the cusp of an exciting professional journey, having bagged a prestigious placement with the one and only Times Group. Here, she looks back on her enriching journey at the institute and remains positive about the road ahead.

According to Nikita, the unique teaching methodology employed by the institute’s esteemed faculty made her choose the PGDM program at Jaipuria, Indore. She believes it’s the best decision she could have made for her career dreams. “The fully residential program is structured in a way that every student learns in the classroom and beyond it”, she says. “Thus, you are enabled to think outside of the box, which is an important quality for all professionals who want to make a mark in their careers”.

Nikita also agrees that her institute helped her develop the skills that are needed to navigate the professional challenges of an ever-changing Indian economy. It was her industry-readiness that made an impact during the placement interview, which would eventually lead her to bag the coveted job. Talking about the learning experience at her institute, Nikita says, “The faculty members, staff and my classmates are responsible for the massive transformation in me. During the program not only have I learned about management, but there were important life lessons too.”

She insists that she will cherish and draw inspiration from these lessons in her professional journey. Jaipuria, Indore has encouraged her to be an individual. This is evident in the runner up prize she received at the Summer Internship Presentation competition, and also in the Ms. Fresher, Ms. Beautiful awards. The way that Jaipuria grooms its students into well-rounded professionals is what sets this program apart and gives us the edge”. And, looking at others in her field, she says, “I clearly see myself ahead of others who are my age and background that have recently graduated from management programs at other institutes”.

Over the course of two years, Jaipuria, Indore had become Nikita’s second home, one she is going to miss in the future. And, she feels it is important to hold on to the memories that were created during her time here: “There are hundreds of memorable moments during my time at the institute, where I have spent the best phase of my life so far. I am going to miss every moment spent here, good or bad. That’s because I believe even the difficult times were important because they have given me lessons to lead my life better”.

We ask Nikita if she has any advice for her juniors. She encourages them to chart their own path, while also keeping the legacy and rich tradition of their institute in mind. “As a part of the institute you will have access to the best faculty members, amenities and a learning environment that you need to get the most out of” she says. “I would also ask them to keep networking and stay in touch, because life will only become easier no matter where you live”. Her parting words, like her success at the institute, embody ideals that all students should strive to emulate.

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