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Nidhi Goel of Jaipuria Noida bags lucrative placement with Rockstand Digital and is on her way to realising her dreams

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Only when you dream big do you realise great heights of success, they say. Nidhi Goel, a small-town girl from Agra seems to have lived by the adage because her aspirations were always high. With stars in her eyes, Nidhi came to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to pursue a PGDM in Marketing and International Business. Her move has already paid off, because she has landed a placement with Rockstand Digital, where she will be drawing a salary of 7 lakh INR.

Needless to say, Nidhi, who did her Bachelors in another small town of Indore, is looking forward to claiming new horizons and making them her own. The fact that she has got placed even before she has completed her PGDM programme is no mean feat. The handsome remuneration she will be drawing is simply the icing on the cake. Nidhi is thrilled with the latest development and she beams with confidence as she says, “It’s something I have worked really hard for and now it has paid off. I am ready to take on the challenges of my new career. This is the first step, which will take me to the stage I want to be at.”

It was her interest in knowing more about the marketing strategies that are used to compete at the national and international levels that made Nidhi take up a course in Marketing and International Business. And Jaipuria Noida became the obvious choice for her to pursue her goals. “Jaipuria Institute of Management was at the top of the list for me because of its education system, discipline, good infrastructure, fantastic curriculum, experienced faculty and most of all, its excellent placement records,” she says. Now Nidhi’s name will be added to the list of students from Jaipuria Noida who have bagged plum placements. Talking about her job profile and position at Rockstand Digital, she says, “I want to be involved in the field of marketing and I have been offered the position of Management Trainee with the company. I am excited about working with a dynamic new venture that has social platforms because they are a rage with people of all ages today.”

Nidhi won the placement after a rigorous selection process that involved an interview, which she prepared for thoroughly. About her strategy for the all-important interview, she says, “I had gathered as much information about the company as I could and that gave me confidence. I entered the room with the mind-set that I would not let the interviewers close the interview.” The strategy clearly worked for Nidhi and clinched things in her favour.

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But Nidhi is quick to add that none of this would have happened without the support of and learning at her institute. “The contribution of the faculty members in whatever I have managed to do today is unquestionable. They have focussed not only on theoretical learning but practical experiences as well, which have helped me immensely. From group discussions to mock interviews, several techniques were used to build our confidence and that has let me find my voice,” says Nidhi gratefully.

She also sees a lot of merit in professional courses like the one she chose in today’s highly competitive world. “You can only attain intricate knowledge about a subject once you do a specialised course like this one. The PGDM is a course which makes you eligible and worthy of knowing the real professional world out there and getting the job you dream of,” she explains.

Now that she has bagged her dream job, Nidhi has plans in place for the future. “I want to showcase two vital elements of my personality; individuality and creativity at work. I believe it’s important to be creative but you have to stand by the work you do as well,” she says. With one dream realized, this small town girl now hopes to make a difference on the international platform in the future.

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