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“My Swiss sojourn is a milestone in my life.”

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Summer University 2013 was a life changing experience for me. Jaipuria Noida’s exchange programme with HEIG-VD in Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland, helps students understand the differences between companies and their functioning in Switzerland, China and India. Only four students were chosen for the exchange programme, and I was thrilled to be one of them. The day we reached Switzerland, we were given a warm welcome by the faculty coordinator from the Swiss University (HEIG-VD), Prof. Laurance Larghi. The professor, after having made introductions, left us with French Survival Classes, and our astonishing journey of 25 days began.

The three days of French classes were filled with fun and while we spent the first half learning the language, the second half was spent practicing it on ground! The fun and learning was enhanced by the fact that the faculty members who had accompanied us were learning with us and it gave us naughty pleasure to be quicker than them in picking up the language. Our company visits began on the fourth day and for this, we were first introduced to our student team members from HEIGH-VD. There was an ice-breaking session and soon we all forgot our nationalities. We were divided into working students groups and the visits began. We worked very hard and enjoyed ourselves equally. There were several picnics organised by the institute and then we had some of our own too. We also went for a trek with the faculty and students and a spontaneous competition developed as we raced each other. Good food, good companions…. the whole trip seemed like a dream!

Some of the companies we visited were Nescafe, Nestle, Strid and Creabeton. We learnt a lot during these visits and interviewed their managers and employees. The Nestle visit was especially exciting for everyone, with free chocolates being handed out to eat and carry away! We also visited the Swiss army museum. We almost didn’t sleep the entire 25 days, but no one complained with all the fun we were having.

Finally, we were ready with our project presentations, which went exceptionally well. We went for one last picnic and then it was time to go home. Amidst emotional farewells and videos and pictures, we came back thoroughly satisfied with our learning. The main learning from the trip for me was, “Wake up, start living your dreams, take action. Stay focused, sharp and diligent. Never give up on your dreams and your dreams will never give up on you.”

Shubhanshi Dhooper

PGDM Marketing, 2012-2014

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