“My focus is on financial management at Jaipuria institute of management. This is a must-know subject, as it offers insights on how corporates take long-term decisions.”

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Dr. Shikha Bhatia is the latest addition to the pool of faculty at Jaipuria Institute of Management. With over 8 years of teaching experience in varied capacities, Dr. Bhatia has an outstanding track record as a teacher, researcher and a student. Having recently moved to Jaipuria Noida from the Amity Business School, Dr. Bhatia finds teaching at Jaipuria Institute of Management a liberating experience.

“Jaipuria is a wonderful place and I am truly enjoying teaching here. Students here are very hard working and sincere, and they generally take their assignments and studies very seriously. Moreover, the Director of Jaipuria Noida and my colleagues are very cooperative, and the management is very supportive of research and faculty development.”

Infact, apart from her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Bhatia is currently working on a research project sponsored by Jaipuria Institute of Management. An avid researcher, Dr. Bhatia’s PhD thesis – ‘A Study on the Long-Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings in India’- was awarded the best thesis by Amritsar University, where she did her PhD from. Her thesis was also published in Journal of Managerial Finance and Research(July-Dec 2010). Over the years, Dr. Shikha Bhatia has given shape to numerous research papers on subjects dealing with Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance, Data Analysis and Computational Finance. More specifically, her primary area of interest remains the post-issue performance of IPOs in India. An Assistant Professor in the Finance Department, its no wonder that Dr. Bhatia enjoys teaching Financial Management the most.

“Financial Management is a basic course in Finance at Jaipuria Institute of Management. The beauty of it is that irrespective of the educational background and the future interest area, it’s a must-know subject for management students. It offers insights to students on how corporates take long-term decisions.”

Dr. Bhatia believes that a teacher has to be a little creative to ensure interest and participation in class. While she encourages all her students at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to participate, she focuses specially on those who are generally shy or lack confidence.

“I do not like to scold students or reprimand them. I believe in teaching well and changing the level according to the understanding of the students and their interest. This almost always helps in ensuring maximum class participation.”

Inbetween classes, Dr. Bhatia can be seen browsing the Economic Times online or reading a discussion on LinkedIn related to the latest financial events. She advises her students at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to avoid the pitfalls of smart short-cuts, as they are always short-lived and may not lead them on the correct path.

“Focus on hard work and that too with complete honesty,” says Dr. Shikha Bhatia. “It will take you miles ahead in the race of life.”