“My experience in Jaipuria Jaipur is that, if you are enthused enough you will be rewarded with captivated attention in class.”

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What does it take to turn a dream into a reality?

Patience – in building it brick-by-brick?

Perseverance – to not give up even in the most trying times?

Or plain simple luck – that sits unswervingly on the shoulders of the chosen few?

“Passion,” answers Professor Swati Soni, without blinking.

Exactly 6 years ago, in June 2006, the Jaipur campus of Jaipuria Institute of Management came into existence. But ‘existing’ and ‘living’ are two different things. Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur needed to grow into a campus throbbing with life… with knowledge coursing through its veins. The onus of making this happen lay squarely on the shoulders of a chosen few. Professor Soni happened to be one of them.

“We were just 2-3 faculty members back then at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. But we were well aware of our responsibilities. There were students to be groomed; managers of the future to be prepared at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. We would reach home dead tired after the day’s work, but with the morning sun, rose with even greater enthusiasm than before.”

It is this passion for her work… passion for what JaipuriaInstitute of Management Jaipur stands for – and delivers year after year – that transforms Professor Swati Soni’s classes intoa ‘cannot-miss’ experience.

“Teaching to me is more of art than science; and the emancipation of any art lies in passion. Case-studies, role plays, PPT’s, discussions, lectures… I leave no pedagogical tool unexplored in my classes. My experience in Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur is that if you are enthused enough, you will be rewarded with captivated attention in your class. I constantly monitor the feedback… look for signs of even the slightest bit of doubt in my class. I try to infuse new levels of creativity, inspiration and inquisitiveness in the teaching-learning process. Subjects like Marketing Management, Marketing of Services and Brand Management are actually limitless; it is we who create the boundaries and set the rules.”

It is this drive that helps Professor Soni don many hats, including the central role of the Programme Chairperson of Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. Everything from scheduling, liaising with visiting faculty, communicating with students and their parents, and managing student affairs – right from Induction till the Convocation- come under her purview.

“The Programme Chairperson’s job can only be done if you really love it. That is the only way you can be responsive to all stakeholders. It is great being a part of the Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipurfraternity, and I enjoy knowing every new person who joins itpersonally.”

The sense of pride and satisfaction that springs from her career reflects in her work-life balance.

“I owe my achievements as much to my wonderfully responsive daughter, as I do to my Director and Management, and the excellent rapport with colleagues that helps me collaborate and seek help when needed. I love to cook, meet people and help kids in my neighbourhood with the specific problems relating to their studies, especially their project work at school. My evenings are engaged with kids, including my daughter.”

She advises the incoming batches of Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur to befriend books.

“Read more, observe more and be sensitive to the people around you. Integrity coupled with right attitude will help you sail through happily!”

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