Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal emphasizes on how Theory is as crucial as practice and one cannot work without the other

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Mr. Abhishek Khandelwal, alum of Jaipuria, Noida Batch 2009 is today the International Business Head of Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd. The 200-million dollar agrochemical firm is amongst the top 5 companies in its field in India. The meteoric rise in his career is obvious, but what lies behind is the dedication, out of the box thinking and years of consistent hard work. Then there’s his B School learning that holds him in good stead till date, in many ways.

In this tete-a-tete during the alumni meet in Delhi, Mr. Khandelwal reveals exactly how everything he learned at Jaipuria, Noida comes handy in his professional life.

Preparing for the corporate challenges

According to Mr. Khandelwal, no B School can offer you a sure shot formula to professional success. But what Jaipuria, Noida did is equip him with means to take on the challenges in the industry. “The campus is where you connect your ambitions with the inputs that they provide. Case studies, guest lectures, presentations prepare you for the responsibilities in the corporate world. You might think B School days are challenging, but things are tougher in the real world. The B School simply prepares you for them better,” he adds.

Importance of being disciplined

Mr. Khandelwal remembers his days at Jaipuria, Noida as being hectic. He would feel the pressure of deadlines and assignment submissions. He admits that things would get stressful but today that discipline helps him perform better in his professional journey. “You know in the corporate world, there is a time to go to work but no fixed time to return. There are challenges practically every day. I start my day by making a to-do list, which is something I learned at Jaipuria, Noida. It has helped me keep my energies focused and stay on top of things,” he says.

Determination and team work

Ask Mr. Khandewal about his most important learning from his stint with the B School and he mentions the fact that he was taught never to take anything for granted. Jaipuria, Noida offered students opportunities but they would have to make the most out of them through their determination and team effort. “Everything you are given in the college should be taken on board. You might not understand its significance when you are in the middle of it, but it’s crucial to your corporate journey. Focus on team effort, which brings out the best in you,” he advises.

Network of peers, academics and professionals

Mr. Khandelwal believes one of the main advantages of studying at a B School like Jaipuria, Noida is that it offers a platform to network with professionals, faculty members and peers who are ambitious and go-getters. “There is infectious energy all around. My faculty members groomed us and we learned a lot rubbing shoulders with industry experts. Whenever I face a problem in my professional life, I can call them or my batch mates and juniors. They motivate and inspire me when I need it the most,” he concludes.