Movie Club Inaugurated at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida recently launched its movie club – “Entertainment with a Purpose”. On the occasion, the movie club faculty coordinator, Dr.Ritika Gugnani spoke to campus journalists (CJs), Geetika Goyal and Priyanka Priya.

CJs: What was the need for a movie club?

Dr. Ritika: Students of Jaipuria Institute of Management have come from various parts of the country. So if we pick and screen movies from different nations, different cultures and different languages it will depict and help the students understand cultural strong points, which would be very beneficial for them. The main objective of the movie club is to enhance the communication skills of the students by exposing them to international movies, besides the more obvious motive of entertainment, which the students need after long hours with academics.

CJs: What was the purpose behind choosing the movie that was screened at the inaugural session?

Dr. Ritika: The name of the movie was Invictus. The main purpose of choosing this movie was that the London Olympics were going on and the movie was based on a sports theme. Sports inculcate a sense of leadership and team building in the minds of the students. They help in capturing how ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

CJs: What is the motive behind the movie club?

Dr. Ritika: There is definitely a motive attached to it. We’ll encourage student discussions after the movie is over. This way, the students will try and identify what they learnt from the movie. The students will, of course, come and enjoy the movie but now there will be a learning attached to it.

CJs: What is the future plans for the movie club?

Dr. Ritika: We expect that more and more students will come together to watch movies. So there will be a fun element of expectation instilled in the students that ‘today is the movie day’. In future, we plan to have musical activities where people will be encouraged to sing and have fun.