“It is high time we stress the humanistic model of man”, says Dr. Anup Kumar Singh, Director, Jaipuria Noida.

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Anup Kumar Singh holds the prestigious position of Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. He has a PhD degree and has been a management educator for 26 years. He believes that he is richer for the experience and says that management is both an art and a science, and that he is continually evolving as a professional.

Dr. Anup Singh firmly believes that management education needs to be industry-oriented. “Jaipuria Noida is a highly student-centric and industry-focused B-School. We continuously strive to set high standards of academic relevance and rigour, student engagement and industry-institute interface.” To achieve this high standard, Jaipuria engages the students in a host of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This active involvement results in positive learning outcomes and higher employability. Dr. Singh loves teaching an elective on leadership and ethics, and says, “Today, B-schools are being questioned all over the world for failing to produce leaders and inculcating high ethical standards among their students. The economic model of man has dominated management thinking and practice for a long time. It is high time we stress the humanistic model of man. Every human being has a lower self and a higher self. Traditional management education has addressed the lower self of man, and it is highly desirable to focus on the higher self. Such education will produce ethical and humane leaders.”

Currently, Dr. Singh is work in the area of leadership mentoring and student engagement. According to him, mentoring is being recognised as an important tool in developing leadership and so he works closely with middle and top leaders of large organisations on the issue of leadership mentoring. As a leader himself, he encourages experiential pedagogy in the institute. Dr. Singh is an avid reader, and in his spare time, he reads books on life management, spirituality and leadership. He also loves travelling to coastal towns and mountains, and does it as often as he can.