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Mentoring Week turns out to be a huge success among students of Jaipuria Indore

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Jaipuria Institute of Management – Indore has always recognized the importance of the role that a mentor can play in the life of a student, whether they are still in school or are just beginning their journey into the corporate world. The act of offering advice and life experience to one who is seeking guidance forms a bond that is not easily broken between individuals and can serve to be mutually beneficial to both. It is in celebration of this unique relationship that Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore recently held Mentorship Week across the Indore campus as a means of both honoring and facilitating the link shared between mentors and their protégés.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore has developed a distinctive mentorship program that assists students seeking additional leadership, be it in the fields of academia or business. This mentorship program combines academic and industry experience to create a bridge for students as they transition from the academic environment to the corporate environment. The goal of the mentorship program is to ensure that students get the most out of their experience at the insitute, while being able to take their acquired school knowledge and transforming it into knowledge that they can take into their corporate life.

This mentorship week began with an idea from Dr. Nitin Merh who crafted a proposal for every faculty mentor. The proposal suggested that every faculty mentor take their students for an outing that would combine education with a chance for some fun. This proposal was then adopted into a trip to Nakhrali Dhani, an ethnic village resort that reflects the Rajasthani and Malwi cultures. The trip was a chance for both the mentors and their charges to spend time with one another, while also enjoying the rich warmth and rustic charm of the festivals that are generally held in Nakhrali Dhani.

Not surprisingly, the trip was a huge success with all those who were involved. While engaging in such activities as riding on camels, students were able to spend time with their respective mentors in an atmosphere that was conducive to learning. As Professor Arindam Saha stated, “Mentorship helps us to interact with one another and increases the understanding among students as well as the mentor. The concept of the trip was an interesting one, and more activities like this should be planned to fully reap the benefits for both the students and their mentors.” Additionally, Aman Kumar, a student who attended the event has this to say about the trip, “Besides all of the activities that took place, we had a lot of fun and forged a strong bond of togetherness and openness with our menotrs that enabled us to share our thoughts and ideas.”

Overall, students from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore experienced immense opportunity over the course of the event. Along with their mentors, the students were given a chance of acquiring guidance towards achieving their dreams and attaining long-term success. Prof. Megha Jain describes the whole process significantly well- “Mentoring is the process that can elevate your professional capabilities exponentially. It involves a long term relationship where person becomes your trusted ally and feels you motivated whenever you are need his/her support.”

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