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A Management Professional who followed his Passion to be a blogger

management professional who followed his passion to be a blogger

The Mind asks questions and the Heart answers. The Mind calculates, and the Heart simplifies. The Mind is restless, and the Heart comforts. There is an ideological difference between the Mind and the Heart and the lucky ones are those who are able to get their Mind and their Heart together in a straight line. Only a minuscule number of people in the world are able to do what they love.

My journey of a thousand miles begins with one such step and so on. After reaching a stage in life when you are ready and willing to take a risk, just step out, even before you knew what was the end result going to be, I had taken my first step towards “A Life Unscripted”! Being an MBA graduate from Jaipuria Lucknow one of the top management institutes in India, I quit my job to be an author and blogger.
The Foundations

After a decent academic career, starting from my School days, my College, my Engineering (all through Mumbai), and then eventually a post-graduation in management from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, a top-ranked MBA/PGDM Institute in Lucknow. I have to admit, all these institutions including the one I worked in, have played critical roles in making me the Man I am today.

The Influencers

My school shaped my interest in sports, and my writing and speaking skills. My 4 years in Engineering gave me an analytical bent of mind and taught me how to work rigorously hard. My stint at Jaipuria Institute of Management broadened the spectrum of my thinking. Honestly, the genesis of my interest in Branding, an all-encompassing Marketing, Leadership, and Man Management in particular, was rooted in my stay at Jaipuria Institute of Management.

The Developing Professional

After my PGDM course from Jaipuria Lucknow, I served for a long period of 24 years in an Organisation I truly identified myself. Starting from the bottom of the ladder and through various positions, locations, cities, challenges, successes, and failures, the journey in its entirety was an outstanding one. I grew with my Institution into senior roles resulting in a well-rounded professional My organization ensured tremendous value addition to my overall personality. However, in all these years my heart would sometimes outstrip my Mind and set me thinking.

Taking the Plunge

I wanted to pause and take stock of my life. I wanted to pursue something which had my deepest interest. I felt that time was running out. I thought for a year and then decided to part ways with the Organisation I so revered. I took the plunge. I toed the line from my heart and as such ignored the Mind.

An Exception

At the stage of my life where I took the decision to choose an alternate career as an Author and Sports, Leadership, and Marketing Strategies blogger, many in our society still find it to be an exception. It was difficult to explain to a lot of people. They just couldn’t understand. However, I was clear about what I was doing. My heart had simplified matters.

A Relaxed Soul

I have neither compromised on my ambitions, nor I have laid my passions to rest. My objectives, goals, and destinations are more relevant than ever. The Publishing of my book ‘Polish September‘ after a year of hard work and the progress of my blog www.rizkhan.in 172 articles are making, is a testimony to the fact that I am enjoying this journey, which in turn is making a relaxed soul out of me. A new story is unfolding, undoubtedly.

The Crux of the Matter

It’s never too late. The moment in which you decide to go with your Heart is the right moment. So explore a vocation you love and if you cannot find one, create one for yourself, that is the crux of the matter.

Today I am a full-time blogger and I don’t regret a moment that I have spent away from Management Profession. The reason for that is simple: I followed my passion, and you should do the same. Always remember, being unhappy in your job means you are doing the wrong thing. So, it’s better to pursue your passion and be successful than to be satisfied with mediocrity.

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