Management education of yesterday and today- a small tete-a-tete with Varun Chaturvedi of Class 2013, an alumnus of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

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Varun Chaturvedi graduated from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in the year 2013 and had three job offers in his hand- all at the same time. He chose the one closest to his home- Noida, with India Bulls. A decision of convenience but a wise decision that sees him now as the Assistant Manager at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools! In a latest conversation with Varun, we walked down the days and ways of Jaipuria Institute of management half a decade back.

“Ours were equally exciting times. The internet was at its boom. There were global incidents rocking nations all around. Employment opportunities were growing by leaps and bounds and am talking of just 5 years before,” says Varun thoughtfully when asked about how management education looked for young graduates just few years back. No doubt things have changed significantly but particularly- what all? “In our times, even at Jaipuria Institute of Management there were lesser industry-institute interactions. Now I see the emphasis on LIVE projects, corporate meets, and industry-academic seminars. Our juniors are more updated, highly tech savvy and very clear about their professional roles and responsibilities,” explains Varun indicating how Management education is looking towards an even better and broader future ahead.

Varun’s professional life has seen him climb from strength to strength in the office of Business and Brand Development. He had interned with Reliance Communication while pursuing his PGDM from Jaipuria, Noida. There, he remembers Reliance had introduced its internet dongle and Varun had sold the first one from his team’s end. “The achievement stayed with me because I was given a stipend of Rs. 3000 for it and I remember having bought a present for my mother with that money,” says Varun while putting the credit on Dr. Nimit Gupta, the ex-faculty of Jaipuria, Noida who, according to this alumnus, has been instrumental behind his success in the world of Marketing and Brand Development.

So what are the alum’s parting thoughts for his juniors? He believes Jaipuria Institute of Management has come a long way and is soaring greater heights with each passing season. Therefore, with all the privileges and opportunities at hand, he suggests to his juniors- “make the most of what comes in your way. The competition is only going to grow but the opportunities are not going to cease. Don’t settle. Fight for what’s worth and stay fit.”

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