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Management Conclave held by Jaipuria Lucknow brings Consumer Experience Management into focus

On 22nd February, the Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow hosted a Management Conclave, which focused on the important field of Consumer Experience Management. The conclave also brought forward new ideas that are necessary for future managers in the world of marketing. This event was a great benefit for the institute’s students, who made the most out of the opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts. And, the experience of listening to stalwarts in the industry was the icing on the cake for the students who are eager to embark on a career in management and marketing.

Students came in large numbers to hear from Mr. V. P. Kamath, Group Chief Operating Officer at Nova Medical Centers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. A renowned name in the field, Mr. Kamath gave the opening address at the conclave and had the audience enthralled throughout his talk. Right at the onset he made students aware of the evolving scenario in marketing and the current trends that are here to stay. The traditional approach to marketing as far as consumer experience is now passé, and that’s something he highlighted in his speech.

“Two main things drive current marketing scenario: technology and globalization. As these two elements keep growing, prospect of marketing will grow disproportionally,” Mr. Kamath declared. According to him, these aspects have somehow contributed to the shift from marketing in its traditional sense. He reminded students how conventional strategies involved a focus on mass population and low participation of consumers, which is something one cannot afford in today’s times.

Students at the conclave listened in rapt attention as Mr. Kamath began talking about relationship building, which is the future of marketing. “Earlier success of a company was determined by the current market share and profits”, he said. “But today the participation of consumers is high and success is determined by lifetime market share and profits. Hence if you want to survive in the market, there is no alternative to long term relationship building.”

It was a point well made by the eminent speaker who strongly held the students’ attention. And, they were in for another enriching experience when Mr. Achal Rangaswamy, Director Marketing Advatech Cera Tiles Ltd, Ahmedabad took to the podium. He had students’ interest piqued right from the word go when he said, “[the] Spirit of enterprise always starts with saving. Ordinary people sell bulbs, good people sell lights and outstanding people sell a noble prize.”

Mr. Rangaswamy then went on to share experiences from his own glittering career. That’s just what the participants of the conclave were hoping for because it brought them insight into different functions of companies. The lesser known facts about businesses that he shed light on are certainly going to stay with the students, as is his message about reaching out to consumers: “Sell joys, experience, adventure, saving, comfort, sleep, peace, fun and not just product.”

“It is all about loving your job,” he continued as his speech and the conclave came to an end. That was another important bit of information for the students who left the event excited and enlightened.

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