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Management Catalytic to Dance, Says Prabhakar Awardee at Jaipuria-Noida

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Choosing between a hobby that’s your passion and a profession can be difficult. And so it was for Sneha, a Prabhakar holder from Allahabad Prayas Samiti, in Kathak.

“When it came to picking one, I thought it wiser to go for a management course at Jaipuria-Noida.” To this passionate dancer, one who has been at it since grade 1, Jaipuria-Noida happened by chance. Seeing the lack of enthusiasm at other places, Sneha was initially dejected. Then, on her friends’ suggestions, she took admission at Jaipuria-Noida. Today, she couldn’t have been happier.

“The institute makes you feel that all the effort you’re putting in is worthwhile,” she says. Classroom teaching clubbed with case studies and lively discussions hold forth the significance of this prestigious course in management. The teachers are always willing to help. The class doesn’t end with lectures. In case of doubts, one can always run up to the teachers, Sneha says.

Kathak isn’t Sneha’s only passion. She has tried her hand at other styles as well, some of which include banjara nritya, freestyle, filmi and Odissi. However, paying heed to her parents’ advice, Sneha chose to pursue management.

“Today, I do not regret my decision.” Here, at Jaipuria-Noida, she’s on par with the other students intellectually. She can relate to them, share a bonding and gel with them on the academic level as well as on the co-curricular activity level. The hostels, with all the facilities, are resident-friendly.

With everything going for her at Jaipuria-Noida, Sneha has a piece of advice for all those who find
themselves on crossroads of making a career choice. It is vital to prepare a strong ground with a
professional degree in academics, she says. A degree in management, she says, will help one in one’s
pursuits later in life. “If one wants to extend the passion of dance and set up an academy, or even
organise stage shows, for that matter, managing it will not be tough if one is professionally qualified.”
An academic degree in this field will provide a platform to the form of art that neither dies nor is difficult
to carry out at any stage in life.

Line for the web site: She proves management, dance can go hand-in-hand.

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