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Life At Jaipuria : Amit Prakash

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My background:

Family: I belong to a small family. My father Ramjivan Sharma is a businessman (contractor ). My mother Anju Sharma is a housewife. My brother Chandra Prakash is currently pursuing engineering in mechanical from ITM university Gwalior. My family has always been my biggest support throughout my life. We rarely get chance to be together as both of us brothers are busy in their studies but the time we are together, we just live to fullest.

Educational: I have done my secondary schooling from DAV Public School, Hazaribagh (Jharkhand). My higher secondary studies continued at Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) at Sri Chaitanya. I have roamed to almost three corners of our country during my study span itself.

I am from a very beautiful city of Jharkhand named Hazaribagh. It is considered to be as one of the hill station of Jharkhand due to its cold weather. It is really chilling in the winters and summer also doesn’t disturbs so much.

I choose Jaipuria not because of any ones advice or suggestion. It was totally my own decision. Infact before my admission I suggested a student to go for this college. I was knowing about the college back from my graduation days itself as both my graduation and post graduation college belongs to the same family but different person. My faculty (Dr. Tazyn Rehman) guided me to achieve my future dreams of becoming successful. I wanted now to become serious about my life. My friend who has already spent a year in this college told me about each and every points related to the college. I firstly found it a bit hard because I had never been in such an environment which prepares you to fight for your success in future. Above all my only motive was that after two years from my graduation I should stand at a place where I can make my parents feel proud of me. I had a talk to my family member about the college and they agreed. Now here I am and still I suggest my friends to go for this college if they want to achieve something.

First Semester: Speaking frankly it was one of the toughest time of my life. It was a new place, new faces, new chores to be accomplished. Assignments, projects, quizzes, exams, presentations, God I was really panicked at times. It took time to getting used of these things.

Second Semester: Till now I was used to work and deliver my performance at my best wherever asked for. I understood that these tasks are building me for the corporate world which I will be facing.

Third Semester: This was the time which flew like anything. I remember that the semester had a major part in itself which was nothing but our SIP Company selection. Now I was totally comfortable with the college environment and still love to be at college with friends and faculties.

My achievements in past few months are as follows:

Certificate of recognition for contribution made in two of the committees of OJAS (Annual Fest) : Food Committee and Branding &Communication Committee.

Certificate of appreciation for being a member of Social Responsibility Committee (2015-2016).

Certificate of Operational Tour at Pizza Hut and On Job Training at Big Bazaar.

Participated in Nukkad Natak (1st position), E Week 2016, Ran Marathon ( IIM Lucknow annual fest).

Faculty: Faculties in our college Jaipuria are not just a person who teaches us but they are the individuals helping us bring out the best from us. Their guidance at each steps help us enlighten ourselves and deal with any situation in most apt manner. All faculties here are ready to help us out from any situation, it doesn’t matter that wether they teach us or not.

Class: Classes at Jaipuria are not only for providing us the bookish knowledge but also teaches to be a better person in life. Classes are interactive and a two way communication exists. Some extra classes which the college organises helps students gain idea about the real industry availing in the market scenario.

Learning at Jaipuria: The best thing which I have learnt at Jaipuria is being professional. I am still learning it. Jaipuria has made me learn to work in a team, to work under pressure, to give your best and many more. It has helped me gain immense confidence which will surely give me an edge over my competitors. And last but not the least I learned about the managerial skills required in corporate world.

Life has changed drastically if I compare it with my graduation one. I became more organised, serious, professional and above all more focused towards my goal. Graduation was a place where I studied for marks, here I study for learning. My priorities from enjoying the life has changed to first accomplish the task assigned. I thanks Jaipuria for bringing this pleasant change in my life.

My majors here are Marketing and Finance.

At the beginning I see myself working for a good company under a person who recognises my potential and help me enhance them. I want to climb the ladder of success i.e from the grass root level to a top executive one and for this I would give my best to the company I join. I see myself stable in the corporate world rather than hopping from jobs to jobs just for a bit increase in salary. I want to invest my first few years in corporate to learn and gain respect.

My strengths which will help me in getting the job I want, as I consider are as follows:

y communication skill. My never say never attitude. My dedication for things I want to have. My co curricular activities participation. Guidance by people whom I see upon.


Having my own house within 5 years of my career.
Keep my parents and person related to me happy for the rest of life.
Earning respect in the society and workplace.
Attending a Tomorrow Land Event.
Going on a world tour.

My father inspires me the most. I wish I can be like him. He is just perfect, a person who have never said me no for anything. His hard work and dedication always makes me respect him even more. He is my role model and I admire him the most.

My sunsign is Leo.

I always have a habit of having a plenty of friends which I have here either. But their is always a special one for me and that special one in this college is Puja Pandey. She is a person whom I can trust blindly. I have never had any friend like her in my whole life. I have many more friends like Priyanka Kashyap, Rohan Tripathi, Jai Kumar Agrahari and the list continues. My friends are always there for me and I love them a lot for this.

My favourite faculty at Jaipuria is Ms. Reena Agarwal. She is like my mother away from home. She supports me, guides me, understands me and above all is always their for my help. She is also my SRC committee head for which I work here at college. She always try to make me perform better and bring professionalism under myself. I share almost everything with her and respect her a lot.

I am a member of Social Responsible Committee and Marketing Club.

My hobbies are: chilling with friends, listening to music, watching stand up comedy, playing sports (TT, Basketball, Badminton).

Being part of Social Responsible Committee is a new life experience for me at Jaipuria. It has made me more responsible towards society. It changed my way of looking at life. I have started helping people in need. It has made me a better person.

Ms. Reena Agarwal (faculty): “Work hard and give your best… Rest success will follow you”
Rohan Tripathi (friend): “You can win hearts, just keep smiling and keep shining.”

Internship Company : IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

It has been just two weeks since I have joined IDBI and trust me I am loving to work with this company. I have learned about the policies of company, how to pitch them, other financial terms regarding policies and many more. I haven’t had any customer interaction yet but I do believe that I would be successful in generating leads for the company. It is great to have such a work experience before getting placed.

Summer Internship Project: Risk Analysis and Marketing of Insurance Policies.
Objective: To determine the risk factor involved in the policy subscription by a customer and also to learn the ways of marketing the same policies.

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