Launch of the ‘Gen Y’ integrated Website of Jaipuria Institute of Management

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Dear Reader,

As you have started browsing through the new website I would like to share with with you the ‘behind the curtains’ efforts and preparations. For us the guiding principle for this website was that it’s not just about ‘a new look’ but about being able to portray the philosophy, people and pulse of Jaipuria on the web.

So naturally, the website follows our ‘people centric approach’. Our different stakeholders (students, alumni, faculty & corporates) have come forward to share their experiences at Jaipuria. They talk about not only their academic experience and placements but also about their social, cultural and recreational experiences, which are all an important part of Jaipuria.

Then there is ‘Jaipuria Live’ – a first of its kind concept that we have introduced on the website. Jaipuria Live is a separate section on the website where different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and our blog) get integrated. It’s a one stop shop whereyou can feel the pulse of Jaipuria.

Then, there is also the UNCAMPUS theme. You will be able to experience that the resources, networking and learning here at Jaipuria are not restricted to any given location. As a student, faculty, corporate and a alumni you will really benefit being part of the bigger family. Experience this all and a lot more on the website.

Happy browsing!