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Kuntal Nandy explains how MBA complements his musical journey

You will meet many MBA students who want to change the world through projects and programs that give back to the society. But very rarely you come across an aspirant who says that he wants to create a musical instrument that eliminates negative thoughts from people’s minds and fosters world peace. That’s Kuntal Nandy, student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida for you. A percussionist who also plays the guitar, synthesizer and the mouth organ; music runs through his veins. In this chat he hits all the right notes and spreads the joy of music. Listen in:

Nurture or Nature?

That remains the debate, especially for creative geniuses. Are people born with the talents they possess? For Kuntal, who grew up in an art and music oriented family, talent and training is inseparable. He himself started singing at the age of 4 and weighs in on the discussion. “If you don’t have a good voice, even if you train hard, it cannot be corrected. I was blessed to be born with a good voice. But if you don’t nurture the talent, it will go to waste. So I think talent and training are equally important in the pursuit of any creative accomplishments,” he says.

The importance of discipline

Kuntal learned to play Harmonium from his aunt and tabla with his father. He went on to pursue a four year degree in tabla from Sangeet Bharati Music Academy. It was here that his guru imbibed the philosophy that there are no short cuts, only hard work. “Music also has the capability of taking away everything it has given to you. You must be focused, respectful and dedicated to preserve the talent. I believe discipline and art go hand in hand and you must respect whatever you learn from music to flourish further in the field,” he adds passionately.

Musical notes of an MBA

An MBA aspirant by day, music aficionado all lifelong – that’s Kuntal. He dreamily says that he cannot imagine himself without playing the guitar, without music in his life. Thankfully his stint at Jaipuria, Noida is offering him some opportunities that complement his passion. “I think the main objective of our B School is overall development. You get plenty of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. I am also a part of the cultural committee and have organized events. So these activities give me the confidence to perform on stage,” he says.

Corporate career is music to his ears

Having been brought up in Jharkhand, Kuntal feels he has come a long way at Jaipuria, Noida where he rubs shoulders with students from all over the country. Learning about new accents, languages, cultures has been an enriching experience, which he believes will help him in his career. “The diversity on campus has enhanced my perspectives and given me the confidence. I feel it will make me a better professional. I want to keep learning and get a job where I can prove myself. But music will always remain a part of my life,” he concludes looking ahead.

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