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Kunal Godhwani (Batch of 2015-17) reflects on his life as a student at Jaipuria Jaipur

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Enrolling in the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur was an entirely new experience for Kunal Godhwani since he had always thought of stepping into his father’s business. “I joined Jaipuria, Jaipur at my uncle’s insistence,’’ he recalls. “The Institute’s 100 per cent placement record and the average package of 6 lakh also attracted me.” But Godhwani soon discovered that there was a lot more that the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur had to offer. “It provided me with a platform where I could interact with people – something I had not done before. It also gave me the opportunity to showcase my talent,” he says gratefully.

During Godhwani’s induction, the students performed a play in which he played the part of the comedian Kapil Sharma. This proved to be a defining moment for Godhwani – one which began a journey of self-discovery. “The play was appreciated by everyone including the teachers as well as the Director, Dr Prabhat Pankaj,’’ he says. “During that induction I won an award for the best “Selfie” and was given the title of ‘Selfie King’ of Jaipuria!”

It helped that the faculty went out of their way to lend a helping hand. “I was always an average student when it came to studies, but after my result in the first trimester I was amazed to see my name at the top of the student list – in the first 10! In the second trimester my name featured in the list of top five students the credit for this must go to the teaching faculty,” says Godhwani. “It’s good to know that such a developmental platform is provided in Jaipuria to the students. Godhwani’s experience reflects that activities and teachers are a helping hand in his developmental phase,”adds his peer, Tejveer Kaur, pursuing HR and Marketing from Jaipuria Jaipur

Life at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, however, is not only about academics. Extra-curricular activities feature in equal measure. Godhwani is the first to acknowledge this. “Some of my major achievements were getting the second prize in online gaming during a sports meet; winning the second prize in brand dumb charades in the Abhyudaya, (Annual Management Fest at Jaipuria, Jaipur) as well as getting a third prize in Techzone, Indore,” he says adding, “I am a part of the extra-curricular committee of the college and was one of the junior coordinators in Abhyudaya 2015.”

Enrolment into any Jaipuria Institute of Management requires students to experience the practical along with the theoretical. “We were given the chance of gaining market knowledge by experiencing it personally. In fact we were sent to Lifestyle for four days. During this time not only did we get to understand the market and its problems, but we also got the chance of interacting with the people there. The experience made me a better person in terms of knowledge, communication as well as the way I look at situations. It also improved my presentation skills, taught me how to convince and interact with people, how to increase my network and make use of it wisely,” says Godhwani.

Godhwani, who sees himself as a Finance Manager or CFO in a well reputed company some seven or eight years down the line, says that he has “improved in every aspect (mentally, socially, physically and emotionally).” His ultimate dream is to be an entrepreneur. And knowing what the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur offers – he is sure to realise his goal!

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