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Kaushik Sharmah looks back on his experience at Jaipuria Lucknow while preparing for the future

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Kaushik Sharmah knows the power that comes with knowledge and the rewards offered by hard work. A student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Batch of 2012-2014, Kaushik has seen his dedication and drive bear fruit with his recent placement with leading German conglomerate, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. The achievement of landing such a prestigious job is something that Kaushik has been working towards his entire adult life.

Hailing from the city of Guwahati in the northeastern part of India, Kaushik attended school there before advancing on to SRM University. While studying at the university for a degree in Engineering in Instrumentation and Control, Kaushik discovered he had a major interest in Management education. It was this revelation that led him to the Jaipuria Institute of Management to do an MBA in Lucknow. As Kaushik says, “The Jaipuria Lucknow facility has a superb team of faculty members, who treat everyone as an integral part of the Jaipuria Lucknow family. They were always ready to extend a helping hand for any issue I faced. They left no stone unturned to help me prepare for the corporate world.”

The philosophy adopted by the faculty was to offer students the best education possible to prepare them for their future; this was exactly what Kaushik was looking for. Coupled with Kaushik’s natural abilities, Jaipuria Lucknow’s core curriculum helped him to succeed in a competitive job market by offering him a well-rounded experience that showed all aspects of the managerial world. Kaushik says, “It is very important to have theoretical knowledge of any profession. Thus, to become a successful manager and to know the minutiae of management, an MBA or a PGDM courses is extremely important for one to have a competitive edge.” This competitive edge is something that the Jaipuria Institute of Management prides itself on giving to all of its students.

As the placement interviews loomed for Kaushik, he began the process of establishing himself as an individual who stood out from the crowd. “I tried to keep myself calm, and I associated every answer with my own real-life experience. I presented myself the way that I am, rather than trying to impress them.”

This strategy paid off when he was offered a position at Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. as a Management Trainee – Sales. The role is one that Kaushik is extremely excited about. As he says, “I like taking up new challenges, so my new role will bring out the best in me and will be a great learning experience. I am well-prepared to face the new challenge, and it will help me to grow as an individual.”

With his position secured, Kaushik offers this advice to juniors who will soon be in the position he was in previously: “Stress management is extremely important to be able to perform in a placement interview. Knowing the company well is also important, as are the requirements of the position that you are interviewing for.”

Now that Kaushik’s future is coming into focus, he has a chance to reflect back on the time he spent at Jaipuria Lucknow. “The credit goes to each and every member of Jaipuria Lucknow for helping me to land this position.” Given his abilities, Kaushik stands as a shining example of what Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow can offer individuals and how far it goes it can go to help them achieve their dreams.

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