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Law and then PGDM- how does Shivika think it worked for her?

It’s funny how the little mischievous moments stay in heart far longer than the gravely serious ones. And Shivika Perti reinstates the same feeling as she says- “now that I am all set to step out of campus, all the silly things we did as students make me want to stay more.” Shivika is about to join Godrej as a Management Trainee in a matter of few months and as graduation time is coming closer, class 2019 is wrapped with a sense of nostalgia and Shivika is no exception. “We would wait for the attendance procedure to get over and then try figure out excuses to bunk the lecture no matter how interesting the session is; you know how it is in student life right?” quips the girl from Lucknow who arrived to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to pursue her PGDM.

Shivika had completed her internship with Amul and the summer stint needed her to increase the demand of Curd and Buttermilk in South East Delhi. “I already felt prepared for Godrej because the job responsibility corresponds to that of what I had experienced with Amul already,” and complementing that further is Shivika’s Law Degree with specialization in Corporate Law.

When Shivika sat for the interview with Godrej, she was clearly asked- “why did you even opt for joining an MBA while you could have already joined the corporate world with your law degree,” and she was ready with her answer. “I wanted to complete my education in every way possible. While Law taught me about various functional verticals of the corporate world, Management gave me the overall perspective,” answered the girl confidently. In fact, Shivika strongly thinks that her recruitment with Godrej will also help the organization gain from her skill-set and she adds further, “in my opinion, all law graduates must pursue a Management program for fine-tuning their careers and enter the industry with clarity.”

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