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The strength of belief and encouraging words- a lesson to learn from Pushpendra’s PGDM journey at Jaipuria

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“One of our professor of Information system in the first trimester during our ITM classroom session asked us a simple question- “Is there anyone here who has not worked in any Microsoft tool ever in life,” recalls Pushpendra with a smile on his face. “And I was the only one who had raised his hand, confessing that I had not and it took almost the entire class by surprise. My professor suggested immediately that I have to work really hard to ace up. That particular moment taught me a lot,” adds Pushpendra. By the time he was wrapping up the course, this Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida boy of Class 2019 had scored the 2nd highest in the subject.

The Jaipuria Institute of Management classrooms are really interesting spaces with myriads of life transforming stories and experiences embedded in them. Students come from across entire India, spend their 2 years pursuing excellence and in the process- leave their indelible marks in the growth story of the B-school and students like Pushpendra are perfect examples. However, what makes the learning ecosystem of a B-school like Jaipuria absolutely unique are the people themselves- they celebrate each other, and hold each other up in times of failures and successes. Each and every student contributes to the life of their peers and all of it in absolute humility and earnestness! It almost comes naturally to a Jaipurian- to stand as a rock by its team or teammate, as if it is a part of the b-school’s very DNA. And that is exactly what Pushpendra did for his friends and his friends did for him in return. How?

Be it managing the study group or giving proxy to friends busy in placement processes, Pushpendra did not deter from his responsibilities as a team member or a friend and when his turn came, his peers did not disappoint him either. “I was at the Group Discussion round of Amazon and I desperately wanted to make it to the organization. However, things didn’t work out in my favor despite all the hard work I had put into it and the rejection had me hit hard to the effect of losing all self-confidence. Recruiters were continuously visiting campuses and I did not have any ounce of interest left in me to sit for any other process. But my friends did not give up on me. IDFC First Bank arrived the subsequent week and they insisted I take the test. I was absolutely reluctant but they would not give up and pushed me to go ahead,” remarks Pushpendra who is now one of the new Management Trainees in the Sales Office of the organization. He had not informed his father about it till the HR declared his name among the finally selected candidates. “I was scared of disappointing him the second time, so I went from Noida to Jaipur campus for the selection round without informing him and when I finally got the job and informed him, he was pleasingly surprised,” says the boy who started with IDFC First from April 15, 2019.

However, nothing has been more inspiring for Pushpendra Singh Rathore than his mentor Prof. Ajay Bansal. “He always said- I will do something great in life and not just stop at getting a placement, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure his belief in me does not go to waste,” he says.

Pushpendra believes Jaipuria Institute of Management’s 2 years taught him to be a good human being above everything else. Team work, CSR activities, selflessness are just among hundred other things Pushpendra thinks his PGDM has taught him. He had arrived at the B-school in the summer of 2017 with the hope of gaining as much knowledge as possible in his specialization, perform as many Live projects that 2 years could offer and secure a good placement. And now that he is graduating from the school, he feels “I have almost all boxes of my check-list, ticked green.”

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