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Joining the Swiss transnational food and drink company- a conversation with Kartik, PGDM Class of 2019, Jaipuria, Indore

Kartik took a deep breath when the recruiters from Nestle asked him- “so imagine yourself as your best friend. Now, how would you describe Kartik Khandelwal- things about him which are great and things which aren’t so?” Of course it was no ordinary question, especially when you were actually expecting your domain knowledge to be under scrutiny from right, left, center and out. Karthik gathered his thoughts, and tried to look at himself as a detached observer. Entire 35 minutes on phone was about his personality. “Nestle first round of interview was all about figuring out their potential employee’s humility, team working spirit, honesty, commitment level and attitude towards life,” says Kartik of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore.

Raised in Indore itself, Kartik Khandelwal arrived at the B-school with the objective of making a mark for himself. “I was confident that I will get a good placement but I never thought that it would be one of the highest salary packages from my class,” elaborates the man who is joining the Swiss transnational food and drink company headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Kartik had already interned with Britania in the year 2017 and has interesting ideas around boosting Sales in the FMCG sector. He did another internship during his PGDM with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore at Feedback Business consultancy Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. The summer internship project was on market research and served as great help during this placement process. His key work at Nestle would involve Setting and achieving sales target, developing of assigned territory and addition of new outlets.

So how does it all feel to Kartik now that he is about to join Nestle? “I got the news on 18th December, 2018 roughly around 3.30 P.M and I just remember hugging a colleague from Jaipuria who was standing right next to me,” remarks Kartik who then ran to find his phone and make a call at home. For Kartik, it was not just about being placed at a great company but also about the relevance of the profile he was offered. “My specialization is in Marketing and Finance and the office offered at Nestle is in a great sync where marketing as a specialization will make me understand the market better and finance will help me in managing sales, discounts, and preparing market intelligence report,” he adds.

And now with days coming close to graduating from the school and walking into the corporate world, what are the few things Kartik is going to miss about his Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore life? “Oh plenty! But the most memorable moment from hostel life has been the night we friends played pranks on others by pulling on ghost avatars. We created insane scare and goodness, that was crazy fun!” chuckles Kartik who means to preserve all the memories and lessons experienced at the B-school and make use of them in the highs and lows of life.

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