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Join the ‘We Will Rise’ Contest: Your Instagram Post is About to Get Rewarding

Introducing the social media contest of the year, “We Will Rise,” exclusively for Jaipurians of the 2023 batch. This is your chance to shine, make a mark, and grab some fantastic rewards along the way!

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize: Rs. 25,000
2nd Prize: Rs. 20,000
3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000
5 Consolation prizes: Rs. 5,000 each

From 1st June to 25th June 2023, it’s time to unleash your creativity, join the social media frenzy, and show the world how you’re rising with India. To make things even more exciting, we have a super cool Instagram filter available at https://bit.ly/WeWillRise2023 waiting for you. Strike your best pose, capture that perfect selfie, and post it on Instagram!

But remember, the fate of your awesomeness lies in the hands of an esteemed panel of external jury members from the social media industry. These digital and creative experts will carefully evaluate the number of likes and comments on your posts until midnight on 25th June 2023.

So get ready to embark on this epic contest and brace yourselves for a well-deserved recognition during our upcoming campus orientation event!

Before you dive into this thrilling adventure, we want to lay down a few ground rules:

Let’s keep it real and say no to any shady tactics to boost your likes and shares. Only organic engagement will count, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on any paid activities.

Join the contest, rise with India, and let’s make a mark together! Use the hashtag #WeWillRise to showcase your journey and connect with other participants. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, make an impact, and let the world witness your rise!

Here’s how you can be a part of it:

•   Strike your best pose and capture that perfect selfie using our super cool instagram filer available at https://bit.ly/WeWillRise2023 
•   Once you’ve nailed that incredible shot, make sure to save the filtered image. Trust us, you’ll want to keep it as a memento of your rise to fame!
•    It’s showtime! Share your stunning image on your Instagram feed (not as a story or reel) and don’t forget to include this powerful message:
“I am rising with India and making my mark with @jaipuria.institute  #WeWillRise”
•    Oh, and here’s the important part! Tag our official Instagram account, @jaipuria.institute, to let us know you’re a part of this amazing journey.
•    Once you’ve posted your masterpiece, don’t forget to shoot us an email at jaipuriaconnect@jaipuria.ac.in. Share the URL of your post with us to officially register your entry. 
•    Now, to be in the running for the big prizes, you need to be a true fan of Jaipuria Institute of Management’s Instagram account. So hit that follow button and show us some love!

Rules & Regulations 
• You must be a fan of Jaipuria Institute of Management Instagram to compete in the “WE Will Rise” contest 2023.
• The minimum eligibility criteria are 500 likes and 50 unique comments. Each like will get 1 point, and each unique comment will get 2 points for evaluation of the contest.
• The winners will be announced on the Instagram page after the contest ends after 1 week from 25th June 2023. The winners will be awarded during the orientation on campus.
• No unfair practices will be allowed to bring the number of likes and shares.
• Only organic likes and comments will be counted. Any paid activity will be considered an unfair practice.
• Entries that are obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or which otherwise violate any local or international laws are not valid.
• Participation constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these Official Rules, which shall be final in all respects.
• Jaipuria Institute of Management reserves the right to terminate or extend the contest at any time or to accept or reject entries at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same.
• Jaipuria Institute of Management reserves all rights to make amendments to the existing terms and conditions without any prior notice. We shall accept all the entries submitted by each of you as a contestant in good faith and shall, in no manner, be responsible and/or bound in any manner whatsoever.

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